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He wasn’t ever really gone but he’s coming back anyway! Without compromise and with only one goal, on February 1, his first own album, ‘Keine Kompromisse Mehr!’ (No Compromises) will be released via Soulfood Music. KÆSTEL aka Jens Kästel is certainly no stranger to the music industry. For decades he was the face and frontman of Electro formation FUNKER VOGT. But what is coming now should surprise not only his fans, but maybe also his old band members. ‘Keine Kompromisse Mehr!’ is not just the album title, no, it’s his new way of life, his new credo.

KÆSTEL has rarely, if ever, delivered such direct venom and bile directly to the listener’s ear as with ‘Keine Kompromisse Mehr!’ With his middle finger outstretched and a big dose of rage in his stomach, KÆSTEL dispenses his songs, bursting with self-confidence. Nothing is left from the days of Electro sounds and bass lines; instead, now the guitar smashes hard riffs up against his concise vocals. Brachial and open, Jens returns to his roots and within his lyrics he also answers some of the questions that remain open. The album is not to be understood as a reckoning as such, but more as a journal of bygone times.

All in all, twelve songs will be on ‘Keine Kompromisse Mehr!’ and the album will be released on 1 February 2019. Two songs have already been released: ‘Könige und Kaiser’ (28 Dec 2018) and ‘Keine Kompromisse Mehr!’ (12 Jan 2019)

Source: Press Release

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