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dartagnan feuerundflamme
When times are tough, the musketeers rush to the rescue. DARTAGNAN release their long-awaited new studio album with ‘Feuer & Flamme’, because hardly anything gives as much strength and comfort as decent Folk & Rock music. The album will be out on March 26, 21 via Sony Music.

DARTAGNAN have grown up. On the fourth album of the trio, you can see that there is more under the musketeer’s cloak than the escapist longing for seemingly better times past. The band sounds grounded and the lyrics show a previously little-known personal side of the people of Nuremberg. In the poignant ballad ‘Solang’ Dein Blut’, front man Ben Metzner tells the story of his mother’s far too early death. It was the music and the Folk and medieval scene that gave the teenager support after his severe loss at a young age to go on and get hope.

Perseverance and encouragement run like a red thread through ‘Feuer & Flamme’, in keeping with the current world situation. The German Folk rockers continue to deliver the beloved historical music paintings of the calibre ‘Völkerschlacht’, but the band keeps grounding itself in moments like ‘Mein Leben lang’, in which guitarist Tim Bernard personally picks up the microphone because he is lovingly dedicated to his little daughter.

dartagnan promo2021

DARTAGNAN’s fourth album sounds a lot more dynamic and rocking than its predecessors. The live experience of numerous tours and concerts has allowed the band to mature. It only seems logical that the band chose Felix Heldt, a proven live expert, to produce ‘Feuer & Flamme’ for the first time and also acted as a co-producer. “Felix knows our stage energy like no other,” says band head, singer and multi-instrumentalist Ben Metzner. “Especially in these difficult times we were able to create the ideal conditions with him for the recordings of this album.” And you can hear that on the album: The title track ‘Feuer & Flamme’ rocks as carefree as only DIE TOTEN HOSEN once did. And the opening track ‘C’est la vie’ also hits the band’s sound “somewhere between Irish pub and stadium Rock” as Metzner explains.

Such real live hits reflect the wealth of experience of already three albums and turbulent first years, which the successful trio has accumulated since its foundation in 2015 and the immediate vertical start with ‘Seit An Seit’ (2016). The debut album already earned gold and the successor ‘Verehrt Und Verdammt’ (2017) also stormed the top 10 of the charts. On their third album ‘In Jener Nacht’ (2019), the founding members Ben Metzner and guitarist and singer Tim Bernard once again expanded their sound palette by bringing the devil violinist Gustavo “Gustl” Strauss to their side as a new comrade.

Of course, DARTAGNAN on ‘Feuer & Flamme’ again deliver a lot of fun, for which artists in this country almost have to apologize. But the people of Nuremberg can do it differently. The fresh hit song ‘Auf uns’re Frauen’ bows deeply in front of the actually strong sex with all the winking eyes and with the peppy German rocker ‘Scharlatan’ the trio takes a stand by laughing and disarming fire speakers and populists. And the great versatility of the new album is also shown in the gripping duet ‘Farewell’ with the hurdy-gurdy heroine Patty Gurdy.

The fact that DARTAGNAN used the compulsory break away from the closed stages for a creative boost is underlined by the bonus CD of the ‘Helden Edition’ of ‘Feuer & Flamme’. The cooperation with SCHANDMAUL in the great song ‘An der Tafelrunde’ is just as obvious as Ben’s instrumental Uilleann Pipe solo ‘Wenn Helden tanzen’. But the cover version of the Russian musketeer mega-hit ‘Pesnia Mushketerov (Песня мушкетеров)’, for which Ben took language lessons, and the fascinating adaptation of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ make you sit up and take notice.

DARTAGNAN are going for ‘Feuer & Flamme’ with violin, bagpipes and electric guitar in 2021 with significantly more rocky accents and while having fun, they also strike more serious notes. The album will be released on March 26th, 2021 as fan box, hero edition (2CD) and vinyl by Sony Music. Stream/order the album here:

On March 26 DARTAGNAN will celebrate the release of our album ‘Feuer & Flamme’ with a streaming concert! There are different ticket categories with which you can support the band. All information and tickets can be found at:

DARTAGNAN - ‘Feuer & Flamme’ live
Sep 23, 21 – Oberhausen, Kulttempel
Sep 24, 21 – Hamburg, Markthalle
Sep 25, 21 – Hanover, Musikzentrum
Oct 1, 21 – Leipzig, Anker
Oct 2, 21 – Dresden, Tante Ju
Oct 7, 21 – Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
Oct 8, 21 – Stuttgart, Im Wizemann / Club
Oct 9, 21 – CH – Pratteln, Z 7
Oct 21, 21 – Berlin, Lido
Oct 22, 21 – Jena, F-Haus
Oct 23, 21 – Cologne, Club Volta
Oct 28, 21 – Munich, Backstage Halle
Oct 29, 21 – Nuremberg, Hirsch
Booking: Headline Concerts Bonn -

Source: Press Release

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