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foolsgarden captaincoastisclearAs is well known, the best stories are written by life. This is also the case with FOOLS GARDEN, the band that pushed TAKE THAT from the throne in the BRAVO charts, shared the wardrobe with JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE and danced polonaise with the SPICE GIRLS in Tokyo. In Kaliningrad the band was THE top act at the 750th anniversary of the city in front of 100,000 spectators. At a benefit concert broadcast on Chinese television in the 30 million metropolis of Chong Qing, FOOLS GARDEN performed in front of more TV viewers than Germany has residents.

But that’s not all. In Moscow’s Bolshoi Theater, FOOLS GARDEN was on stage with NICOLE SCHERZINGER and ASHANTI at the awarding of the most important music prize in Russia. Countless gold and platinum awards all over the world, prizes such as the Bambi, the Echo, the Golden Europe and many more line their way.

Klaus Voormann, who designed the legendary cover of THE BEATLES LP ‘Revolver’, designed the artwork for the album ‘Who Is Jo King’. An accolade for the band. Many of the FOOLS GARDEN songs are known from radio and TV, but also from advertising - not just ‘Lemon Tree’. VW backed the polo advertisement in Russia with ‘Man Of Devotion’, ‘Welcome Sun’ provided the right sound in an English Mitsubishi commercial with JÜRGEN KLOPP and casinos in Las Vegas use the same title for their advertising.

One might think: Anyone who has achieved and experienced all of this can lean back in peace, put their feet up and rest on what they have achieved - far from it: the two masterminds PETER FREUDENTHALER and VOLKER HINKEL still feel an irrepressible desire to play new songs write, record albums and go on tour. They have created over 140 songs in their 30-year band history.

‘Captain… Coast Is Clear’ is the name of the new and now eleventh studio album. Musically, this ties in with its predecessor ‘Rise and Fall’ from 2018, but in its entirety also provides new, exciting, perhaps unfamiliar musical experiences. “It turned out to be more electronic,” says HINKEL and by no means denies certain reminiscences. At the same time, the corona pandemic required particular creativity, since joint recordings of the songs “didn’t work,” says HINKEL. “We just sent the files back and forth and had a lot of fun playing around with sounds - just less guitar, more synths,” explains HINKEL.

The timeless Electro Pop song ‘Outta Love’, released in 2020, provides a small foretaste of the result of this work. The pandemic’s personal soundtrack, so to speak. In the track ‘Electrify’, a piece of music that was quite surprising for FOOLS GARDEN, the gentlemen pay tribute to none other than DAVID BOWIE by creating a contextual reference to ‘Major Tom’: “Remember when David cut the line, and everything went out of control”. FOOLS GARDEN’s latest creation also has a quieter, more thoughtful side. With titles like ‘Those We Lost At Sea’ or ‘Home Again’, FREUDENTHALER and HINKEL not only show their musical skills, but also approach the listener with depth. In addition, the listener can enjoy VOLKER HINKELS sophisticated sound layouts. He allows his art as a composer of film music to flow into it and creates a unique, musical dramaturgy.

All in all, it seems as if the band, despite - or maybe because of - the pandemic challenges, has run into top form and thus, with ‘Captain… Coast Is Clear’, they have created a work that actually offers something for every musical taste. Therefore, the band can hardly wait to bring exactly these songs, which were created during a very historical time, live on stage, in order to then sing them together with fans from near and far. Watch the first single ‘Beautiful’ here:

Watch new video ‘Electrify’

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