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massivinmensch markbenecke magicicadaFor more than half a year, the keyboarder Thomas “Rauche” Rauchenecker, who lives in Virginia (USA), and the criminal biologist Dr. Mark Benecke were exchanging thoughts about the “magic cicada” (Magicicada). Numerous pictures and sound files were sent and so at some point it made sense to conceive a song from them. After the interesting intro, spoken by Benecke, a song suitable for clubs was arranged from numerous cicada noises. This “mini-album” is expanded by remixes of well-known MASSIV IN MENSCH songs. So, the trance and EDM expert Jeff Johnsen once again lent a hand to ‘Pop Corn’. With ‘Fantasy’ and the voice of Frank Körner-Steding there is a catchy Synth Pop song. This digital release will be available on all major platforms (Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, etc.).

Source: Press Release

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You are here: Home News Releases MASSIV IN MENSCH & DR. MARK BENECKE - “Magicicada” release on 30 January 2022 via Katyusha Records