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chrisdeburgh abetterworld2017Philharmonie, Essen, Germany
28th May 2017
Chris de Burgh - “A Better World”

CHRIS DE BURGH is coming with his band to the Philharmonie in Essen, Germany, to present ‘A Better World’, his latest album. It's the 26th record that the Irish singer-songwriter has created and shared with his fans. As the title already suggests, ‘A Better World’ deals with the issues of the day and its diverse tunes give us a lot of food for thought. In addition to the new ballads and anthems, one can of course also expect to hear some of CHRIS' classic hits such as ‘The Lady In Red’, ‘Missing You’ or ‘Don't Pay The Ferryman’ and ‘High On Emotion’.

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 6:00pm
Starts: 7:00pm
Tickets: Essen is sold-out. Tickets for other shows are available HERE
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