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Leipzig, Germany
May 13th till 16th 2005
Wave - Gothik - Treffen

For the 14th time this big gothic festival with more than 150 bands will take plave in Leipzig.The goal from the organisation is to create 'A big family gathering' and the list of names is this year very impressive. NOt only German bands, but from all over the world artists come to play on this festival.

wgtbanner2.jpgIt's impossible to give information on all the bands, but I shall give you a list with some surprising and noteworthy names. Of course this is a personal choice so don't blame me for that.

One of the names that were announced very early is TRISTANIA. This band just couldn't miss this festival, because with their new album ‘Ashes’ they have proven to still be on the top of the gothmetal scene. They have done tours with Nightwish and Kreator this year, and they are happy to be back again. So we can expect a lot of new songs, but the good old stuff as well.

That the festival doesn’t only want the 'big' names is shown with names like ANGELZOOM (new band of Claudia Uhle) and ANGELS & ANGONY (not even that big in the Netherlands).

Then we also have the bands which are not 'unexpected' but always pull in the people. Names like UMBRA ET IMAGO (they will have an easy job in their home country), ISIS (from the USA), VISIONS OF ATLANTIS (who became well-known as support act from Epica) and I don't want to leave out DARKWELL and PENUMBRA. The latter is very well-known in the scene, but didn't tour a lot the past few years, so the festival can be proud that they have this band in the package.

Exclusive acts are also present at the festival they include: ANNE CLARK (UK) goes acoustic, DARZAMAT (PL) has their debut on the bigger festivals and NIK PAGE & The Sacrifice Army also promises to be special. A big name who's also back on stage is TIAMAT. The band is back with a kind of 'best of' tour and they already played at the "On a Dark Winter’s Night" festivals in Germany, but this is no reason to be afraid nobody wants to see them. They impressed a lot of people with their special chemistry and we definitely can expect a good and emotional show.

More information about the bands can be found at:


This leaves me with one last thing, the closing words of the Treffen Team:

"All over the city we’ll have about 150 bands, projects and single artists, performing on sixteen stages. From the old vaults of Moritzbastei and the crypt of the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, a famous monument of the battle of 1813, up to large concert halls. Once more we’ll cover the whole wide range of gothic-music: from Electro-Pop to Goth-Metal, from EBM to Neofolk, from medieval music to Industrial.

But from its beginning the Wave Gotik Treffen has been much more than a music festival: Our guest will find a medieval market place and a pagan village, we will have authors reading, performing arts and films. One of the big halls on agra-fairground (the wide place of the German agricultural fair) will turn into the biggest Gothic-warehouse of the world for four days.
On this fairground there is also the Treffen-campingground. With your Treffen-Ticket you can use the public-city-transport for free – so you can reach all Treffen-locations without extra costs. The citizens of Leipzig have been familiar to the Treffen for 13 years. You will be welcomed there.
The most fascinating thing during the Wave Gotik Treffen is the unique atmosphere. Gothics from all over the world are celebrating peacefully and with relish their gathering. Once a year about twenty thousand Goths are coming home: at the Wave Gotik Treffen.
 We would be happy to welcome you in Leipzig, too. Visit the Treffen – your friends from all over the world are already there!"

Infomation about tickets and the festival on:

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