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cubesessions round1In times when events and concerts have not been possible for months due to the corona pandemic and artists, organizers, clubs, crews, agencies & local employees are doomed to stop, new ways have to be taken to be close to the audience. Cube Sessions invited bands to their specially created CUBE to give a unique and unique concert session. Surrounded by light installations, the focus is literally on the artist and there is no front or back. The different camera positions allow attendees to take part in the concert from completely new perspectives. Lean back and enjoy or clear the dance floor in front of the screens! Direct support for all people participating in this project, bands, the crew, club & promoter.

Upcoming Sessions

Adam is a Girl
On November 13th, 2020 we will have ADAM IS A GIRL as a guest at the CUBEsession. The German capital Berlin differs from other (German) cities, especially culturally, in some cases quite clearly. No wonder that in this crucible, new formations are constantly emerging that stand out from the crowd. One of these discoveries is Anja Adam and Alex Pierschel aka Adam Is A Girl. Positioned between catchy danceability and moving melancholy, they feel the heartbeat of their city, making it their own musically. Sometimes it beats quickly, sometimes very calmly. You yourself name Depeche Mode or Björk as influences, but you combine Synth-Pop and New Wave into an interesting mix. Adam Is A Girl create a dreamy atmosphere with touching vocals with their very own mix of Dark Pop and Indie Electronica.
Tickets will be available at the beginning of the event (7 pm Central European Time) at The tickets cost 19 EUR. You can then watch the concert as often as you want for 7 days. Vimeo accepts PayPal or credit cards.

On November 27th, 2020 ROTERSAND will end the first season of the CUBE session. ROTERSAND is a friend who has been accompanying you for almost two decades on your nocturnal hunt’s Post-Industrial amusement. ROTERSAND is the beast right beside you - twitching, stomping, finally leaping upon you and clinging to you. Want to take us home? The beast can also purr like a black cat if it wishes. The beauty and the beast: an insuperable antagonism? In ROTERSAND both melt into one with complex elegance. The new 2020 album’s title ‘How do you feel today?’ is so much more than a question asked in polite small-talk. It’s pure social dynamite in a world where emotions become moods and moods suddenly turn into opinions and un-correctable creeds. Truth is not holding on to facts anymore. Truth is truly becoming fanatic. We live in dark times in which even the most essential values seem to evaporate in the blink of an eye, becoming cue ball to spontaneous moods. But a record like “How do you feel to today” can be the beacon in this darkness. Nobody comes close to ROTERSAND when it comes to electronic music anyway. Now at the latest, however, they should become an official national treasure.
Tickets will be available at the beginning of the event (7 pm Central European Time) at The tickets cost 19 EUR. You can then watch the concert as often as you want for 7 days. Vimeo accepts PayPal or credit cards.


Tickets for a CUBE session concert cost 19.00 EUR / 22,50 USD and can be purchased on our Vimeo on Demand page from the premiere date of each concert. Vimeo accepts credit card or PayPal as a method of payment. After purchasing access, you can see the concert for the next 7 days.

A professional club concert costs a lot of money and work. The costs for an online concert are even higher than for a normal concert. In addition to the costs of the club and the normal sound & lighting technology, the fees for the artists, wages for the crew, the GEMA fees & artist insurance, costs for the website, and advertising, there are additional costs for cameras, recording equipment & streaming. We can only continue this project if these numerous large costs are covered.

Up until now, this great project has only been feasible because all the bands, crew members, technology companies and the club involved were very committed to the idea and supported the vision. Now it's up to you to make the CUBE session a huge success! Have fun! Enjoy!


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