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sunestezjefestival krakow2021Club “Studio”, Kraków, Poland
25th November 2021
Festival Synestezje 2021 with WaluśKraksaKryzys, Baasch, Patryk Pietrzak

Cold autumn calls for warming electronic sound, art curves and catchy words. Despite all threats of lockdown, the student’s club continues to welcome most prominent Polish bands to bring heat, noise, art and genuine atmosphere to the club.

The first edition of the festival was held in 2012 under the name Sophiscapes. Music. Plasticity. Word. In 2013, Sophiscapes replaced the word Synesthesia. From now on, the Synestezje Festival will mainly promote the work of Polish artists. Artists in the field of music, fine arts, words. Previous editions of the project left behind the conviction that these three levels of activity of the creators should not be separated. What’s more - they should be brought out, emphasized and even initiated and stimulated to create works that testify to their indissolubility, interpenetration and coexistence. Hear a picture, paint a word, give colour to the music, most importantly: in Polish.

For many people, the sound of music, the vividness of the image and the meaning of the word are inseparable in the reception of a piece of music. All these spheres and planes also seem inseparable, they interpenetrate, complement each other, and give each other additional dimensions. That is why, during the festival, accompanying events such as meetings, art exhibitions, VJ shows, and discussion panels are held. The festival aims to present unquestionable authorities in the field of ambitious music. Bands that create valuable and unconventional music, which has gained a lot of recognition, and which is certainly difficult to pigeonhole and attribute to specific fashions or trends. Artists who want to create ambitious sounds.

This band is one of the most famous debuts on the rock scene recently. “Guitar playing hope”, brutally honest and paralyzingly accurate, still dissociates himself from the labels like “voice of the generation” and insists that his music is just “firecracker poetry”, but his concerts are also real blast. It is worth checking how it is possible that five guys armed only with guitars, drums and throats wreak such havoc in front of the stage each time leading to energetic pogo?

One of the most original artists on the Polish electro scene - he weaves industrial chill and EDM trance into perfectly composed, memorable songs. His hallmarks are catchy, dark melodies, intriguing, original lyrics and mesmerizing vocals. BAASCH has performed at all major festivals in the country music, incl. Open’er, Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Orange Warsaw Festival, Audioriver, Nowe Horyzonty, etc. He has played abroad, for example in Germany, France, Iceland, Hungary, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Romania, and also in China.

Patryk Pietrzak
A surprising debut. The album, recorded partly during the lockdown and raging pandemic, brought music that was very personal, focused on the emotions and thoughts filling the mind of a sensitive man in difficult times. The range of styles is impressive; the album features ambitious, alternative pop, dynamic rock music as well as lyrical, poetic ballads. PATRYK PIETRZAK enters into a dialogue with the listener, at the same time selling everything that is playing in his soul. In the compositions ‘Las Rąk’, ‘Maryś’, ‘On Black’, ‘Whales’ or ‘Requiem’ we can hear young but mature music, hitting the nail on the head and touching the heart.

Additional concert info
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Club “Studio”, Budryka 4 30-072 Kraków
Facebook event:
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