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mps logoWestergellerser Heide, Westergellersen, Germany
3rd to 4th September 2022
MPS Luhmühlen 2022 with Subway to Sally, Saltatio Mortis, Feuerschwanz, D’Artagnan, Fiddlers Green, Fersengold, Mr Hurley & Die Pulveraffen, Cobblestones, Rapalje and Heavysaurus

One of the largest medieval festivals in the world makes a guest appearance in Luhmühlen and takes its visitors back to the 13th century. In addition to medieval-robed-folk, fans of fantasy, gothic and live-action-role-players are more than welcome. This year’s headliners will be SUBWAY TO SALLY and SALTATIO MORTIS. In addition to the musical program, the adjacent medieval market attracts visitors with booths, jugglers and fire artists.

SUBWAY TO SALLY is one of the two headliners and a German Folk band with Metal influences from Potsdam, Germany. The founding members Simon Levko and Michael Boden met at school and founded SUBWAY TO SALLY in 1992. On the first album there are still many English lyrics, later Latin and also Gaelic were added. In the meantime, the band almost exclusively uses German-language lyrics. In 2019, SUBWAY TO SALLY released their 14th album ‘Hey!’.

The second Main-Act will be the rapidly rising SALTATIO MORTIS which has become an established force among German rock bands. The breath-taking success of their music can be explained by the constant change and advancement of their music and texts. They left their roots, developed their own style and content. Whereas the clubs of the republic used to be their home, they now play in concert halls that are almost completely sold out. Between bagpipes and punk, past and modern, the band has found the perfect way to say “let the games begin”. And anyone who has experienced SALTATIO MORTIS live knows that these games never end. Their latest Single ‘Pray to the Hunter’ was released in 2022.

The Medieval-Rock band FEUERSCHWANZ has gotten more and more popular in their 15 years of band history. In the last few years, Metal influences have been used more and more by the band. In 2021, the band released their 10th album ‘Memento Mori’, which directly reached the first place in the German charts. The band FEUERSCHWANZ combines enigmatic satire with boozy humour like no other. 

D’ARTAGNAN was founded 2015 in Nuremberg by Ben Metzner (one of the singers of FEUERSCHWANZ). The trio named themselves after the roman ‘The Three Musketeers’ of Alexandre Dumas. Self-describing as Musketeer-Rock, the band released their latest album ‘Feuer & Flamme’ in 2021. FIDDLERS GREEN sound as if they come straight out of an Irish pub. The German band from Erlangen delivers folk rock with Irish influences. So, if you’re looking for songs about whiskey, undead and celebration FIDDLERS GREEN might be a perfect fit. With their current album from 2020 ‘Three Cheers for 30 Years’ the band celebrated their 30th anniversary.

If you ask fans of the band FERSENGOLD, descriptions like “good mood music” and “fantastic music to dance to” immediately come up. The Folk band from Bremen, Germany has been living up to this expectation since 2003. The band is a regular guest at many German medieval festivals, so it is fitting that the singer comes from the LARP scene. The current album ‘Was kost’ die Welt’ was released in 2022. MR HURLEY & DIE PULVERAFFEN deliver Pirate-Folk since their founding in 2009. Characteristic for the band is the accordion, which is used in every song. Many of the albums tell self-contained stories, including the album ‘Seemannsgrab’, released in 2021.

The COBBLESTONES, founded in 2021, bring some new Irish folk from Berlin, Germany. They tell old Irish and Scottish stories with a mystical touch. RAPALJE is the Irish word for “noise”. That being said, RAPALJE provides enthusiastic and hilarious Irish-Folk. The members Maceál and Dieb formed the band in 1997 under the name “Ruk en Pluk” in the Netherlands. They later renamed the Irish-Folk band and have been growing steadily since then. Their latest album ‘Scotland’s Story’ was released in 2019. HEAVYSAURUS is one of the world’s first Rock bands for children with Heavy-Metal elements. Fitting their name, the band members perform in dinosaur costumes. The current and second album ‘Retter der Welt’ was released in 2020. Various other smaller bands will play on the medieval market.

The MPS is divided into the Medieval Market (2 Music Stages, Tickets 15 euros) and the music arena (2 music stages, tickets only Saturday 40 euros). On Sunday, the 15 EUR market ticket is also valid for the arena.
Tickets are available via

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