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camouflage tour2023Grosse Freiheit 36, Hamburg, Germany
19th October 2024
Camouflage - “40 Years Of Camouflage - Rewind To The Future And Goodbye Tour” 2024

Oh, how they were ridiculed! CAMOUFLAGE, proudly 40 years in the business in 2023, were often considered “DEPECHE MODE for the poor” by disliked critics in the distant past. What a serious misjudgement! For the three gentlemen from Bietigheim not only had lucrative international hits, especially ‘Love Is A Shield’ and ‘The Great Commandment’, to their credit over the last four decades. They have also always had their own style, which can’t be compared to anything else. The three-piece constantly reinvented themselves musically on a total of eight studio albums and amazed again and again by virtue of their creative skinning. From Pop to Dancefloor to Dark Wave and occasionally Ambient, there were many different styles represented.

Now the Swabian trio has returned to its old strengths after years of abstinence from the music industry. But above all, singer Marcus Meyn, drummer Oliver Kreyssig and keyboardist Heiko Maile are in a celebratory mood. This will be communicated to the public by giving live concerts in 2024 - finally after nine years - on the occasion of the anniversary year. “Rewind To The Future And Goodbye” is the motto of the tour. Heiko Maile explains this slogan as follows: “The ‘Rewind’ stands for rewinding in our discography. Combined with the word ‘Future’ it all adds up to ‘Rewind to the Future’, a mind game with the time before our first professional recordings, to the beginning of it all, when our band still had the future far ahead of us.”

Planning for the concert tour is in full swing. According to Maile, the band wants to “sound more electronic again”, says the composer and sound tinkerer. “Many of our old songs will be interpreted in a modern way, some of the newer ones might even be realised in the sound of our early days, a mixture that plays rather freely with our previous styles. We also want to present what we hope will be a successful mix of audience favourites and our own preferences. In addition, videos and visual effects will play an even bigger role than before. When we celebrate, we do it properly.”

Are there already concrete plans for the visual realisation of the gigs? “We don’t want to reveal any details yet,” laughs Maile. “Only this much: we are planning a video action for one or two songs with fans and people who feel like helping us with their own video content. We’ll announce more details soon on our homepage and in social media.” In any case, Maile is convinced that the concerts are intended to “go back to the roots, but at the same time let the entire history of our band shine in a new light”. The band’s enigmatic logo, influenced by “Italian Futurism”, is a fitting link to this, representing a reference to the future and the past in equal measure.

There are also connections in some of the lyrics between modernity and the era in which the verses were written. ‘The Great Commandment’ was conceived in the mid-1980s, when the fall of the Berlin Wall was still some distance away and the “Cold War” between East and West had not yet been completely overcome. Since February 2022, the “Cold War” and the East/West conflict have returned to our planet. Regardless of such gloomy visions, the trio is unwaveringly convinced of their vision to keep the CAMOUFLAGE history constantly alive. In the coming months, various deluxe editions, strictly limited vinyl editions, remasters will be released. You can see: Even after 40 years, the story of this exceptional formation is not over. And that’s a good thing. (Michael Fuchs-Gamböck)

Additional Concert Info
Doors: 18:00
Start: 19:00
Tickets: are available for 46.75 euros (plus charges pre-sale) vie Eventim
Facebook event:

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