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vainerz tendency
Artist: Vainerz
Title: Tendency
Genre: Electro Pop
Release Date: 27th November 2020
Label: RGK

Review Flash

German-Hungarian Electro Pop poppets VAINERZ probably like DEPECHE MODE. But then doesn’t everyone separated from Essex by water. There’s a touch of Gahan in the vocals, a bit of that bouncy-bounce culled from the early singles, but absolutely none of the sexual menace and hint of darkness that made even fun-DM sound like a guilty pleasure somehow. The songs here mince about pleasantly enough on ‘Inspirational’ (boing boing!), sound like budget Ayia Napa on ‘Dive’, or get a bit serious on the slower paced ‘Another One’. The production is predictable, shoving the increasingly bland vocals right in your face. And we all like a good two-metre distance these days, right? Sadly ‘Vienna’ and ‘In Your Game’ excel only at amateur-hour, ‘Chaos’ goes for gravitas but flops about wetly, and by ‘The Enemy’ and final track ‘Run’ it’s all just melted into one big grandad-dance around the lonely dancefloor, and even the dry-ice has found a crevice or two to hide in.

Conclusion: This is music for people who like washing-up while wiggling about a bit. It’s not very good. Sorry.

Rating: 5 / 10

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