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corona quarantine live2020Nowadays with the current situation, when all events are cancelled, musicians and listeners stay at home and miss the crowdy events, their audience and energy from being on stage or in front of the stage, there is nothing left to do but watch the performances of your beloved and not so famous and not very performers through the monitor. Different musicians and organizers have found different solutions. During world quarantine and lockdown, the concept of “online concerts” became more and more popular. More precisely, the concept has already existed before, but now it has sparkled with new colours. Musicians who never did performances in front of the camera at home, began to turn it on more often and not only perform, but also communicate with their audience live, answering questions and performing their songs on request.

Even the so-called online festivals have appeared, which are a many-hour marathon consisting of the performances of different artists. In today’s online world there are three types of performances:

- unreleased old shows
- pre-recorded exclusive home set for a specific event
- real live broadcast from home or studio

It’s very hard to follow and know about all the events of that kind. Therefore, I propose to share similar events in Facebook or in comments. Future and past. In this situation of concert activity all of us are in the same conditions. Everyone can “go” to the concert and the atmosphere of the monitor will not be much different, so there is no any point in writing classic reports about shows. Everyone can watch the video and make own conclusions. So here will be only the list of events with dates, line-up, short description and link to the video…

04 April 2020 - Stay at Home Festival

Line-up: Versus, JanRevolution, Rroyce, NoyceTM, EGOamp, Logic+Olivia
Genres: Synth Pop, Future Pop, Electro Pop
Format: pre-set, old shows except VERSUS, who played a live show
Description: In fact, this festival was a streaming of old records, except for the performance of JANREVOLUTION, which was recorded exclusively for this online festival, and the live show of VERSUS, who played a concert in Dresden just for this event.

04 April 2020 - Dark Fest - Online underground music festival

Line-up: Yvith, Kleimor, How Green Is My Toupee, F.o.f., Mrt, Po' Metra Crijeva, Reconvalescent, Terror Couple, Dreddup, Makeitlast, Dichotomy Engine
Genres: Electro Metal, Electronic Rock, Industrial, Drone Ambient, Indie, Rock
Format: pre-set
Description: An interesting online festival of the Serbian scene, where Industrial, Metal and Indie underground projects performed.

25 & 26 April 2020 - Dark Side of the Con Online

Line-up: Victor Sierra, Metamorph, Abbey Death, Tragic Impulse, Stoneburner, The Gothsicles, Angelspit, Xentrifuge, Ghostfeeder, nTTx, Dylan Mars Greenberg, Razor of The Mary Lous, Cliff and Ivy, V is For Villains, The Amatory Murder, Interface, Glass Apple Bonzai, Dead Animal Assembly Plant
Genres: Gothic Metal, Gothic Rock, Dark Electro, Electronic Rock, Future Pop, Synth Pop, Gothic Electro, EBM
Format: pre-set, old shows
Description: This can probably be called the first large online Gothic festival with exclusive performances that were recorded specially for this event. Many performances actually turned out to be very weak with a bad sound, but overall respect for everybody involved in this. 9.5 hours of thrash and burnout.

09 May 2020 - Young and Cold Records - Online Festival Vol. 1

Line-up: Abu Nein, Adam Tristar, Psihokratija, Wild Roses Of Winter, DIAF, Elvis de Sade, Oberst Panizza, Plastikstrom, Rue Oberkampf, Sine City, The Violent Youth, Antipole, Adam Usi, Paradox Obscur, New Haunts, Karluv Tyn
Genres: Post Punk, Coldwave, EBM, Minimal Synth, New Wave, Gothic Industrial
Format: pre-set, old shows
Description: Young & Cold Records label online festival. The first online festival, which is essentially a collection of 16 projects recorded in advance especially for this festival or unreleased videos of one composition. It turned out very homely, short, informative and comfortable. There were good performances, there were absolutely none, but such festivals are a good idea not only in quarantine times, but in general to get the audience familiar with the bands for acquaintance with label projects and music in general.

16 May 2020 - Virtual Asylum

Line-up: Xentrifuge, Solemn Shapes, IIOIOIOII
Genres: Dark Electro, Synth Pop, Gothic Electro, Dark Synth
Format: pre-set, old shows
Description: Mini-festival with DJs, pre-recorded shows, unreleased concert recordings and an extensive DJ set of gothic electronic and synth music. I expected more home shows, but not everything came true. In general, it was good, but 4 and a half hours is a bit of an overkill for online streaming, which, in addition to time difference with Europe, was also difficult to handle.

16 May 2020 - Dark Side of the Con. Online 2

Line-up: Angelspit, Ego Likeness, Panic Lift, The Long Losts, Disorder, A tribute to the sounds of Joy Division, May May Graves, Peter Turns Pirate, Obsidian
Genres: Electronic Rock, Electro Goth, Future Pop, Dark Electro, Gothic Electro, EBM
Format: pre-set, old shows
Description: Another long marathon, this time not as global as it was in the first part of the online festival.

22 May 2020 - 1 Festival Under Latinoamericano. Live Streaming

Line-up: Plastique Noir, Delirium Mask, Gorgonas, The Terror, Ultimo Refugio, Old Providence, Ariel Maniki And The Black Halos, I Can Fly, Sofia Insomnia, Under The Rain, La Memoria, Azar Paralelo, Los Malkavian, Jenni Sex, Balvanera, Civil Hate, Ego Eris, Inovercy, Herzegovina, El Ansia, Virgine Dramatica, Fragmets, Vrujah, El Malvado Cioran, Sangrederosas, Dire Forze
Genres: Post-Punk, Coldwave, Gothic Rock, Synth-Goth, Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Neofolk, Horror Punk
Format: pre-set, old shows
Description: The online festival of Latin American gothic music included bands from South, Central and Southern part of North America and was a hodgepodge of unpublished edited concert videos and especially recorded sets for this event. In some places it turned out to be very underground in a bad sense and completely impossible to listen and some performances were made quite well and sounded excellent. Each artist presented one composition, so the many-hour marathon did not happen, which is good. The stream is quite informative for those who want to know the new names of the Hispanic part of the gothic scene

24 May 2020 - Moonfrog TV Episode 1

Line-up: Double Echo, God on My Right, Tepid Days, Soft Riot, New Haunts, Sydney Valette, The Mekano Set, Vogue.Noir, Its for us, Jezebel, E.T Soul Sistar
Genres: Post-Punk, Synth-Goth, Minimal Synth, Coldwave, Gothic Industrial, Synth Pop, Electro Pop
Format: pre-set
Description: A mini-festival of home-made online performances in different places not only at home with visualization. One composition from different projects of electronic and guitar gothic and synth scenes. An interesting thing turned out and informative for those who want to learn new projects. Good shows present.