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emilbulls sacrificetovenus
Artist: Emil Bulls
Title: Sacrifice To Venus
Genre: Alternative Metal
Release Date: 8th August 2014
Label: AFM Records

Album Review

“They [EMIL BULLS] are the exact opposite of ‘typical German’ and at the same time one of the flagships of the German music scene. Like no other band EMIL BULLS stands for a subtle underground spirit. For the past 19 years, the band has been delivering fresh and captivating tones without repeating itself. With success: their last album charted on number 16 in the German Media Control Charts.” That’s how some of the promo goes, the contradictions are already spinning – underground spirit but their quality is measured against chart – popularity measured by commercial success. Sure, some underground bands sold a lot of copies and were still true to their roots, but Lady Gaga sells a lot too.

It’s sincerity and originality that counts and none of it is here. Yes, they must be opposite of “typical German” thing because they sound like USA boy-band, assembly-line Rock style that tries to sound more Metal as it slips over the first quarter of the album to pretend to be more Hardcore and coming out still as teenage metrosexuals, though surely 19 years in the band must mean they’re older than that. Fresh? Why do I feel like I’m having another sonic déjà vu? And who needs another one of those? If it’s you, well, then good luck with that, but it’s not for me.


01. The Grave
02. Hearteater
03. Pants Down
04. I Wanna Feel You
05. Rainbows and Butterflies
06. The Way of the Warrior
07. The Reckoning
08. The Age of Revolution
09. Sacrifice to Venus
10. Gone Baby Gone
11. Man Or Mouse
12. Keep On Dreaming
13. Behind the Sun


Christoph v. Freydorf - vocals
James Richardson- bass
Andy Bock - guitar
Stephan Karl - guitar

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Cover Picture

emilbulls sacrificetovenus


Music: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 5.5 / 10

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