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 D4S7191 kleinSputnikhalle, Münster, Germany
5th May 2018
Emil Bulls – “Kill Your Demons Tour Part II” – Support: Lonely Spring & Imminence

From April 2018, the “Kill Your Demons Tour” entered the second round with its final show on 5th May 2018 in Münster. With captivating songs ranging from aggressive madness to soft melancholy, EMIL BULLS once again underpinned their reputation as one of Germany’s best live bands. The first tour part in November / December reflected the success of recent albums and the current long-player ‘Kill Your Demons’ already: The tour was sold out almost everywhere - more people than ever were at the start to see the band. And also in Münster, more than 500 people gathered to see the band and packed the venue.

Live, the EMIL BULLS presented their usual overboard of old classics and current hits. Fans of aggressive riffs and catchy hook lines were in the right place with the EMIL BULLS. With more than 20 years of band history, the EMIL BULLS have retained their distinctive impetuosity and playful creativity. The philosophy behind it: to stay true to one’s own, unmistakable style and to keep up with the times without bending. That’s why the band carries the underground scene deep in their hearts with their sovereign foundation. And with success: Meanwhile you can find the EMIL BULLS also in the top ten of the Media Control Charts. The show in Münster was supported by two bands. Opener of the evening were LONELY SPRING, followed by IMMINENCE from Sweden.

Lonely Spring

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01. Intro
02. Closure
03. For The Sake
04. Strangers
05. Run Better Run
06. Who Am I
07. Underwater
08. Never


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  • _D4S7115_klein
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  • _D4S7135_klein
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Emil Bulls

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