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dievorboten sturmunddrang
Artist: Die Vorboten
Title: Sturm & Drang
Genre: Industrial Metal
Release Date: 27th January 2012
Label: Sonicattack Records

Album Review

With only three tracks to base off their most recently released EP ‘Sturm & Drang,’ German Industrial Metal outfit DIE VORBOTEN have little room for error. One part rock, one part symphonic, one part metal, and one part electronic there is a lot of versatility within the tracks that give listeners a preview of where the band is heading in the future. All the lyrics are in German, which may add a bit of a language barrier, but the music carriers a similar energy to that of bands that range from RAMMSTEIN to even that of SEMARGL (minus the snarls and female vocals). Indeed, the vocals here such as on a track like ‘Zum Meer’ (To The Sea) almost fit more along the lines of spoken word, ranting poetry with some harsh singing here and there, but the real focus is on the music and how much melody is involved. ‘Angst’ (Fear) is a bit more random and haphazard, keeping listeners guessing at where the music will go during the verses with the electronic blips, but the chorus is direct, melodic, and sounds excellent. Finally the final ‘Ehrgeiz’ (Ambition) is one of the heavier tracks, being a lot more guitar focused with churning rhythms and some electronic ambient features, but mostly these are buried in the background. The anthem-like quality will certainly stir new fans while keeping a hold on the old ones, and should certainly tide them over for a short while as DIE VORBOTEN work on their next album.


01. Zum Meer - 3:05
02. Angst - 3:22
03. Ehrgeiz - 3:19


Stephan Schuster- Bass
Der Andere- Drums
Karsten Palitschka- Vocals, Guitar
Philipp Krätzer- Keyboard
Thomas Mende- Guitar


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dievorboten sturmunddrang


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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