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Glückaufkampfbahn, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
7th July 2006
Bryan Adams, RoySeven

So there it was – the third and last act for us at the fan event in Gelsenkirchen. The world cup had reached its end and Bryan Adams was the last one and only sold out act who played at the Glückaufkampfbahn.


They are a six piece indie/rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Here is some information what the songs are about: "Somewhere you're sleeping and cotton clings to your skin where I should be, but words and love were not enough to have you here with me." You can't accuse RoySeven's Paul Walsh of pulling any lyrical punches. Listening to that line from 'Happy Ever Afters', there's no mistaking a man who's had his heart ripped out and stuck through the meat grinder. It's one of the eleven tracks that make up ‘The Art of Insincerity’, his bands dark, fragile, epic and beautifully melodic debut album. “I’m not very good at hiding my feelings, am I?” the Irishman laughs. “‘The Art of Insincerity’ is mostly, though not exclusively, about my last relationship, the person I loved and hoped I would spend the rest of my life with.” As a kid I really only listened to music that was on the radio, mostly pop, or to my Dad’s show band at the weekends. I didn’t buy my own music ‘til I was twelve when I spent £2 on a Doors bootleg. It was Jim Morrison & the doors that opened my eyes to music that can be both melodically interesting and lyrically inspiring and challenging." Although they'd been together in various guises since the start of the millennium, it wasn't until September 25th 2003 that the band arrived at its definitive line-up.

"That's when we had the first rehearsal as a six-piece and knew we’d finally got the chemistry right. I'd started writing songs like 'Crash', ‘Aberdeen’, and ‘February’ and 'I Laughed Alone' which made their debut at Christmas '03 when we supported a legendary Dublin group called Aslan." It wasn't long before RoySeven were playing sell-out headliners in the Irish capital. RoySeven are: Paul (vocals/guitar), Sam (guitar), Eamonn (guitar), Lego (keys), B (bass) and Daz (drums). Read more background information here: / / 

I guess you can describe their music between Travis, Keane and Coldplay, if it has to be to find a direction for the music. Great melodies, a bit sentimental, but what impressed me most was the voice of the singer. Wow! Just listen to their fantastic song ‘Aberdeen’ and you know what I mean! He has absolutely no problems to sing on every level. They seem to be stars already in Ireland and I can’t understand why we haven’t heard about them before. Guess this will change now. Click here for music examples: . The drummer had some technical problems, but I’m not sure, if anyone had heard it, if he hasn’t mentioned.

They were really a joy to watch! While the rest of the band played their instruments, singing along or tried to encourage the people to clap their hands, singer Paul seemed to have most fun on stage. He was running around on stage, dancing or did some somersaults. He was also singing while he was lying on the ground or stood with his back to the audience. It looked like that Paul lived the music, because he jerked with nearly every beat. For the song ‘Aberdeen’ Paul was sitting at the front of the stage. During the last song, he was shaking hands in the audience. It seemed they are all still down to earth, who just love what they are doing, which made them really sympathetic.

Music 8
Performance 7
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 7 (7.3)

Bryan Adams

With his distinctive vocals and blue-collar songwriting skills, Canadian icon Bryan Adams' take on rock 'n' roll basics found a niche that has lasted for over 20 years. Adams solo career was launched with the release of his self-titled debut album ‘Bryan Adams’ in February of 1980 on A&M Records. Some of the first demos were written in 1978. At the age of seventeen, Adams sent a few demo recordings to A&M Records and was signed to them by age 18 for one dollar. He has written and released fourteen albums since then. Adams had already been touring, recording demos and working as a studio musician paying his rent for a few years, but it was when Adams formed a song-writing partnership with drummer Jim Vallance that things started to happen. His latest release was ‘Room Service’ on 20th September 2004, in Canada and in Europe; "Open Road” was its first single. The album was released in the U.S. on 10 May 2005 and ‘Anthology’ is a two disc set, released in 2005 as a retrospective collection of hits and some more obscure tracks from the 25 years of recording.

Bryan Adams is also very active in social works and a very successful photographer. Adams has had his photographs published in Vanity Fair for example among others. His other photographic efforts are published in 'Zoo Magazine', the fashion/art magazine based in Berlin, Germany. On the 15th March 2006, Adams was presented with the gold award for his photo editorial on actor Mickey Rourke at the German Lead Awards in Hamburg, Germany. /

You can be sure when you are going to see a Bryan Adams show it will end up as a big rock ’n roll party. Bryan and his friends are playing with absolute joy, naturalness and a lot of fun. With his unmistakeable rough voice, his lyrics and his music he simply hits straight into the heart and tells about the things which everybody has already experienced - from being totally unhappy up to feeling like being the happiest person in the world. He describes feelings and situations in life in a simple way, but he meets exactly the point. He was playing at a ‘Fan Event’ so Bryan’s setlist looked like the “best of him”. There wasn’t one big hit missing. Bryan told us, that he is writing all his songs on acoustic guitar, so at the end of the show, he played also a few songs just on guitar and sang to it without his band, like ‘Please Forgive Me’ or the wonderful ‘Straight to the Heart’ (played just with acoustic guitar and with mouth organ). To use some of the words in his lyrics, I just can say everywhere Bryan goes the kids wanna rock and we are only happy when he is playing!

This show was part of an event to celebrate the football world cup and you could also see that Bryan and his musicians were a team too because they were all wearing the same clothes – dark blue t-shirts and blue jeans. Bryan had this wonderful idea which I have seen only at a Keith Urban show before to place also a microphone not only at the front of the stage but also at the left and right corner of the stage, so he didn’t have to put the micro out, he just could keep his hands on his guitar, run to every side and keep on singing as well. Also the fans on the left and right side had the possibility to see him much better. Bryan impressed right from the start with his excellent German: “Guten Abend meine Damen und Herren. Mein Name ist Bryan.” (Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Bryan.) Later he also asked: “Alles klar? Wie geht’s? Ich spreche gut Deutsch, he?” (Everything’s ok? How are you? My German is good, he?) It was wonderful with his Canadian accent. Also Bryan’s guitarist and best friend Keith Scott was an important part of the show. There were not only his great guitar solos, which can’t be missed of course, he also showed his humour, he was playing with the camera (which projected the show on the big screen) and he even had his solo part as a dance act during the song “She’s only happy when she’s dancing”. Whose idea was that – it was great to see?! Bryan talked about that he saw some of the world cup games and that he also wanted to be in Berlin for the final game and that he kept his fingers crossed for Italy. Italy had beaten Germany so you can imagine the reaction of the audience. 30.000 voices started to sing: “Olé Olé Super Deutschland!” Bryan took his guitar and started to play and sing spontaneous: “Let’s see what will happen on Sunday…who is gonna win”. It was such a funny situation and as we know by now, Bryans wish came true.

Later when the people were singing with Bryan “Everything I do” Keith Scott just couldn’t stop laughing about a certain thing. First I thought we all were singing so badly, but it was something else. He said something to Bryan and he asked: “who put the toilet next to the beer stand?” There really stood one of these festival toilets in the middle of the place next to the beer stand. Well, cut a window out and you’ll have a brilliant seat. Bryan: “You should write to the promoter to ask him why the toilet is standing there". Since Bryan is playing the song ‘When You’re Gone’ live in all these years he asked a girl in the audience to help him singing on stage. The song he recorded with Melanie C and later once again with Pamela Anderson. This time it was Conny’s turn, she was from Westerstede/Oldenburg. Bryan turned the name “Conny” into “Honey” – so there was ‘honey’ with him on stage. She was too nervous to sing with him and so she got the lyrics, but you haven’t heard her very well. But it didn’t matter because someone had the opportunity to sing with Bryan and the others were all jealous, but it was great fun to watch. Sometimes Bryan picked up some letters and cards which were thrown on stage and always pretended that it was mail for Keith. During the song ‘Best of Me’, Bryan jumped off the stage and went to the audience so they could touch him and he was shaking hands. We heard the best of him and he gave all of him. Maybe those of you who haven’t been to a Bryan Adams show yet (is this possible?) can imagine now that it is always just a great fun and as said before a big party that you should join!

01. So Far so Good
02. Somebody
03. Lonely Nights
04. Open Road
05. 18 til I die
06. Let’s Make a Night to Remember
07. Can't Stop This Thing We Started
08. Coming Back To You
09. Summer Of 69
10. I Think About You
11. Everything I Do (I Do It for You)
12. Cuts like a Knife
13. It’s Only Love
14. When You're Gone
15. I'm ready
16. Hearts on Fire
17. Heaven
18. She's only happy when she's dancing
19. The Only Thing That Looks Good On Me
12. Cloud Number Nine
21. Run to You
22. Best of Me
23. Please Forgive Me
24. Straight from the Heart
25. All for One

Music 10
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 7
Total 9 (8.5)

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