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adramelch lightsfromoblivion
Artist: Adramelch
Title: Lights From Oblivion
Genre: Progressive Metal
Release Date: 27th April 2012
Label: Pure Prog Records

Album Review

Continuing in their “near hiatus” trend, Italy’s ADRAMELCH return from seven years of silence (much better than their twelve year absence previously). One good thing that these Prog Metallers always seem to do is never let time wither their talents. ‘Lights From Oblivion’ is the third effort to prove this. If listeners are expecting a style similar to groups like DREAM THEATER or SYMPHONY X with guitars blazing and epic storytelling through lengthy tracks… think again. ADRAMELCH take a bit of a subtle approach to Progressive Metal by using a bit of a slower Jazz-fusion style that sounds like OPETH meets slower ICED EARTH. A lot of acoustic work is used in a somewhat depressing fashion similar to Doom Metal as demonstrated on “Lights” and “Wonderful Magician.” While not begrudgingly slow, the tone overall speaks of much sadness and melancholy, and with the combination of the vocals which sometimes sound like the guy is almost howling on the verge of operatic tears, this definitely evokes a different emotion than what most fans/ listeners might have been hoping for.

Of course not everything is gloom and doom (or at least sounding like it). There are some pretty uplifting solos present on tracks like ‘Tides Of My Soul’ and ‘We March, We Fail’. The instrument ‘Chiaroscuro’ gives a chance for a bit more of the guitars to sound more technical and complex with a harsher edge that carries along with crisp precision. Although many tracks barely clock six minutes, the entire tone of the music overall is epic in nature and will hold listeners rooted. There is definitely story here, but it is obscured through the varied themes rather than breaking things down into chapters or parts. Still, overall fans who have followed ADRAMELCH this far will not be disappointed with what they present on ‘Lights From Oblivion’. New fans might be taken aback by the rather ‘slow sound’ presented here, but it is a sound that is worked with talent that should be appreciated by any Prog. fan.


01. Lights - 4:12
02. Aelegia - 4:49
03. Islands Of Madness - 5:31
04. Truth Lies… - 5:00
05. Wonderful Magician - 5:53
06. Beyond A Lifetime - 5:33
07. Tides Of My Soul - 6:45
08. Chiaroscuro (instrumental) - 4:02
09. King (Of The Rain Of Tomorrow) - 4:55
10. Pain After Pain - 5:36
11. We March, We Fail - 6:53
12. Oblivion - 2:53


Sigfrido Percich- Drums
Gianluca A. Corona- Guitars
Fabio Troiani- Guitars
Vittorio Ballerio- Vocals
Maurizio ‘Mau’ Lietti- bass


Cover Picture

adramelch lightsfromoblivion


Music: 8
Sound: 7
Total: 7.5 / 10

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