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boytronic jewel
Artist: Boytronic
Title Jewel
Genre: Synth Pop / New Wave
Release Date: 3rd November 2017
Label: Oblivion / SPV

Album Review

It’s always a challenge for a 80s band (BOYTRONIC started in 1983) to keep on being relevant in their 4th decade of activity. Having some fresh blood coming in from times to times is probably one of the best way to achieve it. Therefore, James Knights of the band SCARLET SOHO joined Hayo Lewerentz and Ingo Hauss initially for a one-track collaboration when the three of them realized they could revive BOYTRONIC, a full decade after the duet last effort, ‘Dependance’. As an album starter, ‘Time After Midnight’, the track that initiated the project, gives a good taste of what to follow. Strong electro basses, pop melody, smooth vocal. The verse melody makes me thing of a contemporary version of VISAGE’s ‘Fade To Grey’ by the way. ‘N02’ is a pure 80s alike Synth Pop hit with a modern style.

‘Mad Love’, the first single taken from the album, goes straight on to the clubs and set the dancefloor on fire. We can sometimes feel the U96 touch of producer Alex Christensen in some sounds, as well as his proclaimed interest for bands such as CHEMICAL BROTHERS. ‘Share’ is critic of social networks on a very efficient electro track reminding of the IAMX debut sound. I could go on and on through each track as every song supersedes the previous one. ‘My Baby Lost Its Way’ infectious melody will stick to your brain, ‘Jewel’ can make thing of quiet moments from bands like DE/VISION or CAMOUFLAGE with a classical touch a la PET SHOP BOYS. The album finishes on a surprising cover from U2’s cult ‘New Year’s Day’, orchestrated in a KRAFTWERK style.

This is a standout album. A great production that find the perfect balance between vintage 80s style and modernity.


01. Time After Midnight
02. The Universe
03. Mad Love
04. Share
05. My Baby Lost Its Way
06. Jewel
07. Dark Passion
08. Free To Love
09. Big Hands For The Dreamers
10. Disco City
11. New Year’s Day


Hayo Lewerentz
Ingo Hauss
James Knights

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boytronic jewel


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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