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CLICKS is definitely not a new project when it comes to the alternative scene. Kr-Lik (Wojciech Król) - is both a musician and a producer; his former project CONTROLLED COLLAPSE was founded in 2003, CLICKS - that took a more energetic, dancy turn - in 2007. Five years after the ‘Glitch Machine’ release, CLICKS presented the second album, ‘G.O.T.H’. Even though the title acronym stands for “Getting Old, Tired, and Hungry” the vibrant soundscapes listed on the album are like an ironic glance to the listeners. I talked to Wojciech Król about the album content, what music is for him and about the ever-dying goth scene...

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Wojtek, to begin with, congratulations on the release of ‘G.O.T.H’ - it’s a great, fun album indeed. And my first question - “where is the youth”?
Kr-Lik: Hi! Thank you very much, that’s very kind. Yeah “where’s the youth?”, I’ve been asking this question for quite some time now and I honestly have no answer. I think they’re everywhere just not in gothic / dark independent scene…

RoD: Do you still listen to NITZER EBB or KMFDM?
Kr-Lik: Not really, no. I mean I do like to re-listen some of the old KMFDM stuff. I’m a happy owner of all their 7” singles that they released a few years back and I went through listening to them all and I still like it. It was a very natural sound for those times, and it still sounds good. The newer stuff is a bit hit and miss for me, but I’d still go see them live now for the old times sake at least. NITZER EBB? Never really cared much for them…

RoD: You know that ever-present comment you may hear that the “goth scene” is dying… well, I’ve been hearing this ever since I remember. Do you think it’s truly so? It’s definitely transforming…
Kr-Lik: Oh yeah. Like I mentioned before - I’ve been saying this myself since I remember… I know now, that dying is maybe not the word. The feeling I have now is that the scene just is. There’s no movement, there’s nothing “fresh”. Look at the roster of the festivals each year. We’re always laughing among friends that if you missed the festival two years ago, you’ll be able to see the SAME bands this year. It is boring.

RoD: Indeed, you are not a new kid in the music business (CLICKS was formed in 2007, but earlier, you worked in CONTROLLED COLLAPSE formed in 2003). You won your way with many projects on the way - tell me, what’s your approach to music-making? Do you treat it as your hobby, something complimentary, or is it way more serious than that? Do you think your attitude is now different than, say, in 2007 when you started CLICKS?
Kr-Lik: At the beginning and through most of my music-making time I did want this to be something more than just a hobby. I can’t really say what needs to be done for it to be so though. I’ve tried many things with CONTROLLED COLLAPSE and we never really made it through some kind of glass ceiling and so I decided to finish that. CLICKS was created during those times but with CLICKS, the idea was just to have fun. It’s a simple, straightforward 4x4 - dancefloor-oriented project. It’s nothing unique. The only difference between CLICKS or any other “scene” band of such is perhaps the fact that I really don’t care. CLICKS is not to be taken seriously. With that, I can say and do, whatever I want and don’t have to limit myself to some scene boundaries like image or themes or sounds.

RoD: Moving on to your new music: actually, it took you five years to release the new album. ‘G.O.T.H.’ is your second as CLICKS (‘Glitch Machine’ was out in 2016). What took you so long? Is it in any way related to the acronym the title stands for?
Kr-Lik: It’s related to the question before I believe. I’m not a music professional. It’s not my job. There’s no way that I can make music on demand - I need to “feel it”. That takes time. I have moments where I can do three songs in one week, but after that I can have six months of no music at all. With how ‘G.O.T.H.’ came out and with the reception of it - I do plan on working on music a bit more so hopefully the follow up won’t take next five years

RoD: Tell me more about the new album ‘G.O.T.H.’ - what’s on it? It sounds like a kinda retrospective…
Kr-Lik: The new album has a very specific theme. “G.O.T.H.” stands for “Getting Old Tired and Hungry”. It basically represents my feeling about the Goth scene. It’s boring, repetitive and well I really don’t care much about it anymore, but I’d really do something myself. I am hungry for more. The songs that are on the album talk about this, plus some of my own experiences. It is my way of reinventing myself to who I am now and what I want to do. But indeed, there are a few “hidden” gems for those few people who might remember what CLICKS was back in 2010s…

RoD: Whenever I listen to your songs, I always have an impression you present the world in a somewhat ironic way. What’s your attitude to the things, people, events around you? Do you keep yourself distanced, cool-headed, or you would say it all still moves you? Do you think your approach has changed through the years?
Kr-Lik: It has yes. Especially approach to myself & my music has changed. I finally came to realize that no, I won’t be a superstar and so there’s no point of thinking that I will. This approach was killing me every time something did not go the way I wanted. It doesn’t matter anymore. I’m here to have some fun and if the people who listen to what I do have fun as well… that’s me having 3x more fun.

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RoD: Lyrics in general have always played an important part in your artistic output - be it for CLICKS, but also earlier with CONTROLLED COLLAPSE. What inspires you to writing? Would you say you express yourself better in words or sounds?
Kr-Lik: They were for CONTROLLED COLLAPSE. CLICKS, having a bit less serious note, doesn’t have to be so lyrical. I’m not very lyrical person for that matter. I don’t feel strong in this. I do feel much better with music than text. That’s also the reason why there’s so few songs in Polish. I just think that the lyrics would be shit.

RoD: What point do you think you are at now as an artist? Is this the way you wanted your music to develop? How would you say you have progressed since ‘Glitch Machine’?
Kr-Lik: Hah well I wanted to be a superstar and play festivals like Glastonbury, so I don’t think my career went the way I imagined haha… But being serious, I think I’m in an ok spot for myself. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want as long as it brings me joy. If it won’t - I will not do it. Simple as that.

RoD: Being both - a musician and a producer - what perspective do you get working in the two roles?
Kr-Lik: Well, I like the music making process. I have specific things, sounds that I like and will always go that way. There’s a chance that soon my situation might change a bit as my friend, and I are looking into creating a studio that we’ll utilize for some production work for other artists as well. This definitely will be something interesting for me.

RoD: Next to that question - how would you say the final product owes to good remixing?
Kr-Lik: If you mean mixing, then I can say that the final production: mix & master is crucial. On the other hand, it all depends on what you want to achieve, a crystal-clear sound or a low-fi. It all comes down to what you want. When it comes to remixing, I like doing remixes. Not everything but most the times it’s a fun process. Others remixing my things is something else. I’m usually so stuck on my versions of the songs that it’s hard for me to accept a remix of my own song…

RoD: You consequently follow the dancy, energetic sonic path. At the concerts, with your sets, you give people a chance to vent their energy and really smash the dancefloor (or the ground like, e.g., in July at Castle Party). What brought you that particular genre in the first place? Are you a party animal yourself?
Kr-Lik: Well CLICKS was created as a result of CONTROLLED COLLAPSE gigs being heavy and not really dance-able. I wanted to see the crowd move and have fun and CLICKS was the reply. I try to listen to more and more things these days and try to notice what works and what doesn’t so that I can get better at my own music. It’s all about having fun in the end.

RoD: Tell me about making the video for ‘Dropdead’ - it's somewhat minimalistic - what was the idea behind it? Are you fond of making videos in general?
Kr-Lik: Videos are a great marketing tool, but you still need them to be seen by your targeted audience. I enjoy a good video. There’s been so many amazing videos lately out there in the music business. When it comes to CLICKS - all the videos for ‘G.O.T.H.’ were made by me and all came out almost like I wanted them to be. It was a fun process, yet it gets very annoying sometimes. ‘Dropdead’ video came out exactly how I wanted - along with the lyrics.

RoD: Your label is Dependent Records - do they actually influence the final output in any way, or it’s entirely your doing?
Kr-Lik: They don’t really get into what I’m supposed to be doing. They do help out with tracklists, picking up songs for the album and they do tend to push for more heh, heh.

RoD: The last live show you threw was Castle Party in July - what were your impressions? After all, it was one of the first significant live events after lockdown.
Kr-Lik: It was really fun. I enjoyed it very much and I saw that people liked it as well. Indeed, it was a long way from the previous CLICKS gig, we’ve managed to change things around a bit, and it all worked really well.

RoD: Slowly rolling to an end - after having listened to the album, I’m sure ‘Clicks.(is.not.).Dead’. What can we expect from you in the upcoming months? Or are you taking a holiday now?
Kr-Lik: Like I mentioned before, I’m looking to work on music a bit more now so that the follow up won’t take another five years. Few gigs here and there are also in plans.

RoD: Last question: what are your life priorities right now? What place does music have in your personal hierarchy?
Kr-Lik: Music has always been important to me in my life. It still is. Whether it’s listening or making music - it’s always around. Yet, I don’t have a “must” attitude towards it now. It’s more of a “I can” type of approach which seems to be doing me good.

RoD: Thank you very much!
Kr-Lik: Thanks very much and don’t be G.O.T.H.!

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