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Artist: Clicks
Title: G.O.T.H
Genre: Electro
Release Date: 16th April 2021
Label: Dependent Records

Album Review

The fans of CLICKS music had to wait five years to get a new album from the project. ‘Glitch Machine’ that as out in 2016 confirmed the reputation of Wojciech Król (aka kr-lik) as a detail-oriented, witty and ironic perfectionist, well-trained to give the audience a fine, dancy and stunning-quality music material.

The Polish Alternative / Electro / Dance project is not the first child of the project’s front man (he is also a producer and played in, e.g. CONTROLLED COLLAPSE), but it shows a slightly different facet of his music inspirations. ‘G.O.T.H’ - being an acronym for ‘Getting Old, Tired, and Hungry’ - is definitely safer and less serious representation of what’s been laying in the artist’s mind. Enough to look at the album’s cover and counterpose it with the content and you may start getting the idea of kr-lik’s wit - cemetery covered in fog, old crosses - and inside? A story of how goths grow up and how the clash of reality and some poetic ideas may be presented.

One could say musically it’s a dancy, a bit harsh sonic matter that will definitely be perfect for clubs and wild nights spent at the dancefloor. You can hear EBM roots here but also a fair dose of Electro Clash and cold Electronics. Enough to say ‘Every Bloated Muscle’ is a tribute paid to NITZER EBB, and it may ring the bell. Obviously, ‘G.O.T.H.’ is much more than that. Kr-lik makes numerous sonic threads meet at the album and knots them perfectly to give it a nice, experimental and rich tint. They have one thing in common, though - great, balanced formulas and an energetic vibe to them.

On the textual level is an attempt to summarize the growing up process of the so-called “gothic scene” - however one may understand it. Wojciech has always been pretty observant and distanced; hence no surprise his lyrics seem like a somewhat sarcastic wink towards the old goths. A specific wording will make you smile and even reflect upon yourselves - as long as you are not too stiff to do so with a self-irony. If someone likes perfectly balanced, electronic rhythms and has a sense for irony and an unobvious sense of humour, or is still on the search for an answer to “where is the youth” question posed once by certain Mr. McCarthy and wants to know CLICKS answer to it – ‘G.O.T.H.’ is an excellent choice.


01. First World Problems
02. Connection
03. Clicks. Dead
04. Dropdead
05. Every Bloated Muscle
06. I Dream
07. It’s All About You
08. Mr. Nevergonnabe
09. Past Of My Past
10. Story
11. The Clicks In Me
12. Fever
13. Themostimportantperson


Wojciech Król


Cover Picture

clicks goth


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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