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Anti FlagKulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
24th July 2022
Anti Flag - “Welcome to 1984” Tour

ANTI FLAG are currently touring thought Europe with their “Welcome to 1984” tour. The band also made a stop in Luxembourg and demonstrated their talent at the Kulturfabrik in Esch on the 24th of July. Together with the German band SMALL STATE and the Italian band OBSCENE REVENGE, the fans were really warmed up on this hot summer evening.

ANTI FLAG, the American punk band from Pittsburgh, celebrate their 30th anniversary in 2023. They stand not only for what their name suggests but also for anti-racism, anti-homophobia, anti-capitalism, anti-transphobia, anti-fascism, and anti-war. Since 1993, the four band members have been thrilling punk fans of all ages.

Music & Performance
ANTI FLAG came on stage with a well-planned performance. These were also full of energy. They started with ‘Brandenburg Gate’ and the band immediately made their fans sweat. Pogoing, jumping, crowd surfing and loudly singing along until the end, this was definitely a real punk rock concert. The Americans were so present and powerful that it immediately passed to the audience. Hardly anyone stood still. The atmosphere was great despite the high heat and the band members were obviously having fun being on stage after such a long time due to the pandemic. Older songs like ‘Die for the Government’ but also newer ones like ‘Hate Conquers All’ and ‘The Disease’ from their current album ‘20/20 Vision’ were played so that every fan got his money’s worth. The nostalgia was clearly noticeable from the first second on to the last one. With ‘Cities Burn’ they gave everything once again at the end to send the audience home soaked in sweat.

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Whoever has the chance to see this band live should really do so. All in all, it was a pleasant evening and Luxembourg will certainly look forward to ANTI-FLAG’s next visit.

01. Brandenburg Gate
02. The Press Corpse
03. Trouble Follows Me
04. Die for the Government
05. Hate Conquers All
06. Fight of our Lives
07. This is the End (For You My Friend)
08. The Disease
09. Laugh.Cry.Smile.Die
10. Fuck Police Brutality
11. The Criminals
12. Turncoat
13. Christian Nationalist
14. I’d Tell You But…
15. Broken Bones
16. 1 Trillion Dollars
17. Drink Drank Punk
18. The Smartest Bomb
19. American Attraction
20. Punk Medley
21. Cities Burn

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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All pictures by Elena Arens

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