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Title: Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: The Cure
Genre: Gothic
Release Date: 21st May 2010
Label: Polydor (Universal)

Album Review

Ever since that whole re-releasing thing with Deluxe Editions of THE CURE albums started, the album re-release fans have been anticipating the most is the iconic ‘Disintegration’, originally released in 1989. Their waiting time will finally be over on 21st May when ‘Disintegration (Deluxe Edition)’ will hit stores as 3CD package. The first CD contains a reworked version of the original album, which is with what we’re going to start now of course.

A wind chime, triggered by a cold breeze, and then comes the lump in your throat when the orchestral atmospheres of ‘Plainsong’ hit you. Gets even thicker when the distinguished Fender bass lines emerge! Hold on to you now, for it is time for ‘Pictures of You’, a song having a wonderful build with each instrument getting the time it deserves to unfold its character, which takes even sharper contours within the re-mastered version, and when Robert then starts “I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you…” pure nostalgia takes control. ‘Closedown’ carries on the torch from there with the wonderful keys/drum/bass combo that takes you immediately into other spheres “I’m running out of time”. ‘Love song’ then walks the tranquil and reduced path. It mainly owes its moodiness to the organs, dominating the verses if you ask me. An all-time favourite, also one of mine, is ‘Lullaby’. These distinctive melodies could be recognized even under a thousand others and Robert’s whispering, frightened, nearly mad delivery is unsurpassed.

Then there’s ’Prayers for Rain’ whose hopelessness gives me shivers over shivers. Afterwards, a storm is breaking, followed by rain and announces ‘The same deep water as you’, and through the rain we get to hear the saddest tones ever witnessed. Well, it’s hard but I have to roll forward to the second CD, which is all dedicated to the early stages of the album’s creation, containing demo versions of loved songs amongst other things. What I find that much fascinating about these rough versions is that they frequently augur the greatness of the final versions of such masterpieces as ‘Plainsong’, ‘Pictures of you’ or ‘Prayers for rain’ already, though they’re not that much smooth and crispy sounding. But nevertheless these do not sound as bad as expected - thanks to modern sound restoration I guess. Also a few previously unreleased songs that didn’t make the album found their way into this collection. ‘Noheart’ for instance, a really interesting, slow piece that could’ve received great acclaim if finished or ‘Delirious Night’ that resembles ‘Plainsong’ in the beginning, then turning into an up-tempo tune with a vibrant drum section and alienated vocals.

The third disc in the package comprises a live presentation of the entire ‘Disintegration’ album, recorded at 3 separate shows. But you would never guess if you didn’t know, since the transitions are absolutely fluent. The live CD’s most striking detail, however, is the sound quality! The sound is detailed, differentiated and nearly as sharp as on a new recording. Only the sounds, most notably the ones of the keys, give away the stuff is much older. Must have been a whole lot of work to get most of the sonic dust off the material to make it sound like that! So we’re at the end already and I must say I didn’t expect the re-mastered album to sound that good as many of the previous THE CURE re-releases sill left a few things to be desired. Obviously, the sources were better with ‘Disintegration’. You should try listening to it via some good headphones. I think you’ll be surprised. Also the extra material, especially the live CD, is worth the money.


CD1 (Original Album)
01. Plainsong - 5:18
02. Pictures of you - 7:29
03. Closedown - 4:20
04. Love song - 3:29
05. Last dance - 4:46
06. Lullaby - 4:09
07. Fascination street - 5:16
08. Prayers for rain - 6:08
09. The same deep water as you - 9:22
10. Disintegration - 8:21
11. Homesick - 7:09
12. Untitled - 6:31

CD2 (Rarities 1988 - 1989)
01. Prayers for Rain - RS Home Demo (Instrumental) - 3:01
02. Pictures of You - RS Home Demo (Instrumental) - 3:31
03. Fascination Street - RS Home Demo (Instrumental) - 2:41
04. Homesick - Band Rehersal (Instrumental) - 3:14
05. Fear of Ghosts - Band Rehersal (Instrumental) - 2:59
06. Noheart - Band Rehersal (Instrumental) - 2:42
07. Esten - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 3:15
08. Closedown - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 2:51
09. Lovesong - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 3:42
10. 2 Late (alt version) - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 2:52
11. The same deep Water as you - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 6:06
12. Disintegration - Band Demo (Instrumental) - 6:37
13. Untitled (alt version) - Studio Rough (Instrumental) - 3:39
14. Babble (alt version) - Studio Rough (Instrumental) - 3:00
15. Plainsong - Studio Rough (Guide Vocall) - 4:46
16. Last Dance - Studio Rough (Guide Vocall) - 4:43
17. Lullaby - Studio Rough (Guide Vocall) - 3:49
18. Out of Mind - Studio Rough (Guide Vocall) - 3:00
19. Delirious Night - Rough Mix (Vocal) - 4:31
20. Pirate Ships (RS solo) - Rough Mix (Vocal) - 3:38

CD3 (1989 Live)
01. Plainsong (live) - 5:19
02. Pictures of You (live) - 7:04
03. Closedown (live) - 4:22
04. Lovesong (live) - 3:24
05. Last Dance (live) - 4:37
06. Lullaby (live) - 4:14
07. Fascination Street (live) - 5:10
08. Prayers for Rain (live) - 4:50
09. The same deep Water as you (live) - 10:03
10. Disintegration (live) - 7:54
11. Homesick (live) - 6:47
12. Untitled (live) - 6:45


Robert Smith - vocals, guitars, keyboards, 6-string bass, production, engineering
Simon Gallup - bass guitar, keyboards
Porl Thompson - guitars
Boris Williams - drums
Roger O'Donnell - keyboards

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Music: 9
Sound: 8
Extras: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10


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