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fearfactory genexus
Artist: Fear Factory
Title: Genexus
Genre: Industrial Metal
Release Date: 7th August 2015
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

One of the most influential band of the 90's is back with new members and new album. New members in the team are the drummer Mike Heller (ex- DISEMBOWEL) and the “big transfer” bassist Tony Campos (ex- BRUJERIA, PRONG, SOULFLY, CAVALEA CONSPIRACY, STATIC-X). The album is produced by Rhys Fulber, along with Bell and Cazares, and the mix is made by Andy Sneap, so the result is guaranteed! About the music now, the album is better than the previous one (‘The Industrialist’); ‘Genexus’ has enough of the air of the band 90s, mainly from ‘Demanufacture’, combined however with elements of ‘Mechanize’, but some of the less ‘Digimortal’. The album is more groovy than aggressive with less but very well putted keyboards. ‘Soul hacker’, ‘Promotech’, the self-titled ‘Genexus’ and ‘Church of execution’ are the best songs of the album and also ‘Regenerate’ and ‘Expiration Date’, a 9 minutes track with ambient elements, are very good. Nobody expects FEAR FACTORY to have the role they had in the 90's in the metal scene but they continue to offer us easy listening quality albums with catchy songs and very good sound.


01. Autonomous Combat System
02. Anodized
03. Dielectric
04. Soul Hacker
05. ProtoMech
06. Genexus
07. Church of Execution
08. Regenerate
09. Battle for Utopia
10. Expiration Date


Burton C Bell - Vocals
DinoCazares - Guitars
Mike Heller - Drums
Tony Campos - Bass

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fearfactory genexus


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10


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