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fix8sed8 warningsigns
Artist: Fix8:Sed8
Title: Warning Signs
Genre: Dark Electro
Release Date: 14th June 2019
Label: Dependent Records

Album Review

German Dark Electro project FIX8:SED8 returned with their second album on Dependent Records and their fourth in their overall history. The expectations are high if mastermind Martin Sane can raise or fit again the quality from the forerunner ‘Foren6’, which brought a lot of recognition and new fans.

The album starts with ‘Embolism’, which has a typical intro-character. It is a good track, even when I feel it is a bit too fragmented. Negative for me is the explosion-sound that I find a bit cheap, but that is personal taste. The bass sounds make a great rhythm, when the song is finally rolling and I like the ‘Bladerunner 2049’ like sounds too. Overall well done. Next is ‘Parasite Paradise’ with a great melodic hook-line. The chorus resembles the sound of ‘Foren6’. After the first chorus a sequence starts that I like very much. The film samples shows critics on the society and especially the sample-part from 3:12 is very well done.

The third song, ‘Empyrean’, is doubtless the “hit” of the album and with a little luck it can become a club-hit. The main bass line could be a bit more upfront but this is really lamenting on high level. The song was stuck in my ear after a few listening’s. “Long live the new flesh”! Well done! ‘Syringe Relation’ has the FIX8:SED8 trademark sound. In the chorus I can hear references to FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY in a good way when the vocoder enfolds. Nevertheless, for me the chorus could be a bit more spectacular, but I like that track. One of my favourites.

Following is ‘Funeral Dirge’ which shines with a nice atmosphere and rich percussions. In the chorus another vocoder is hidden as it is not that upfront. Nice! What made a great impression to me is the embedded film-sample starting at 3:03. That is great. At the end I miss the sung chorus to appear again. Another favourite. The stomping ‘Within Cells Interlinked’ is next. I understand the club-approach but to be honest I don’t like that track. It offers too little for me. The most interesting are the repeating film-samples from the film ‘Bladerunner 2049’ and thanks to this the final of the track is really nice and reconciles a bit. Maybe a classic snare-drum would have made the song a bit better.

The following track, ‘Love’, starts with low tempo, opens a great drum and bass work, and returns to the low tempo from the beginning. Nice. At the end a conclusion of life is made, that I can sign. Good one! ‘The Sceptic’ is kind of an interlude. I think it could be more as I like the bass-line starting at 1:03 very much. Could have been a hit, so it’s just a nice interruption between the other songs. ‘Depression Deity’ starts with strings, arp and nice percussions. At 0:45 I hear a clear reference to SKINNY PUPPY. The sound comes back later again (2:16) and could play a bigger role for my taste. The strings in the chorus could be richer but this is overall a good track!

‘Tunnel Vision’ is another track that could fit in clubs when the intro would be shorter. In the bass-line I hear a reverence to FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY again but this is gone, when the vocals start. The chorus could have more power but the break after the first chorus is nice. Overall this is an ok song. ‘Futile Attempts’ starts with different percussions joined by a bass-line that could fit an old-school FLA song too. The verses are good but they don’t lead into what I awaited the whole time. The final is ok, but doesn’t satisfy me completely. This song is ok too. The last song, ‘Warning Signs’, seems to be different to the others. It is very SKINNY PUPPY. Great vocal effects, great sound effects and different to everything what I heard before from FIX8S:SED8. I wished the whole album would have made this step forward. Is it a bridge to what comes next from FIX8:SED8?

I am not sure if the whole album can compete with the album before, ‘Foren6’. There are less “hits” on it, and not a single song can compete with ‘Baptism of Fire’ or ‘Flatline Friend’ for me. A few song ideas seem to be already found on ‘Foren6’. Besides that, it is still a very good album and I noticed it is a grower that gets better the more I listened to it. Investing time is worth it here!


01. Embolism
02. Parasite Paradise
03. Empyrean
04. Syringe Relation
05. Funeral Dirge
06. Within Cells Interlinked
07. Love
08. The Sceptic
09. Depression Deity
10. Tunnel Vision
11. Futile Attempts
12. Warning Signs


Martin Sane


Cover Picture

fix8sed8 warningsigns


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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