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goldenapes kasbek
Artist: Golden Apes
Title: Kasbek
Genre: Goth Rock / Dark Rock / Dark Wave
Release Date: 7th June 2019
Label: Aenaos Records

Album Review

GOLDEN APES released their debut album ‘Stigma’ in 2000, which has been surprisingly, when seeing these numbers, 19 years ago. ‘Kasbek’ is their newest album, released in June and the 10th full-length album in the band history (plus the EP ‘The Outside’s Inner Life’ in 1999). GOLDEN APES stand for melancholic and honest Goth & Dark Rock music with their significant guitar sound. And the current release also marks the band’s 20 years anniversary.

Oh, what a start actually. Right away ‘Oblivion’ took me away with the spherical, flowing melody and the - really - strong - vocals. A modern Goth Rock hymn to me that has all the classic elements, but at the same time a very specific mood that creates an atmosphere of melancholy and strength at the same time. ‘Vento’ has that classic guitar sound that is a bit more chilled while the vocals by Peer intimate more despair. The title song ‘Kasbek’ welcomes you with some Caucasian sounds, building the bridge to the place where Kasbek - the mountain - is located. Right in the heart of Caucasus. The Caucasian sounds flow into the guitars and evolve in an interesting mix of traditional and underground sounds, always carried by the signature voice of Peer.

‘Deliverance’ has an interesting intro before the more typical guitar chords start. The keys create a sort of dreamy, almost magical atmosphere reminding of the Goth & Dark Wave classics from the 80ies in their core, imagining all the beautiful Old School Goths hair styled to heaven and dancing two steps forward and three back in a state of trance. ‘Voykova - The Healing’ has also an intro that is really standing out. Here I wish the intro theme would stay stronger during the song to make more difference in the rhythms between the songs. A beautiful song though, and a heavy, solid, increasing chorus with details that are really worth it to listen the song with good headphones and careful attention, not just on the go. While listening to the end, I actually feel that this might me one of my favourites along with ‘Oblivion’ so far.

But - as I just wished for the calm intro from the song before to stay longer - here it is! ‘Clouds’ Silver Lining’ is that kind of quiet, calm, pensive song that doesn’t push. The minimalist arrangement is just beautiful as it is and highlights the message. Oh that change in 2:28! Shivers all over and emotionally mind-blowing, that change-over is awesome and confirms for me that this is the kind of dark ballad I was obviously expecting on that record. ‘Dust & Dew’ is back with the catchy Goth Rock theme and for a change, a female vocalist is enriching the arrangements.

‘Sleep’ is another haunting, magical song, between dreaming and falling from the abyss. And the outro has it all. ‘Interference’ seems almost enlightening in here at the almost end of the album. ‘Morbus Me’ is all the vibes I wanna feel on the dance floor, but the living room makes it as well, right now. Next to the last song, ‘Home’, classic Darkwave, dark, gloomy memories, forgotten dreams, lost emotions. ‘Parting’ takes over the part of closing ‘Kasbek’ - thoughtful, deep and reflecting.

‘Kasbek’ leaves the impression and feeling of an extremely authentic creation, very close on human experiences and is building entire worlds out of riffs, chords and letters for those who lived, lost, felt, loved, laughed, cried, hoped, struggled, fought and dreamed.


01. Oblivion
02. Vento
03. Kasbek
04. Deliverance
05. Voykova - The Healing
06. Clouds’ Silver Lining
07. Dust & Dew
08. Sleep
09. Interference
10. Morbus Me
11. Home
12. Parting


Peer Lebrecht - Vocals, Words, Keyboards, Arrangements
Christian Lebrecht - Bass
Aris Zarakas - Guitar, Programmings
Gunter Büchau - Keyboards


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goldenapes kasbek


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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