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darkspringfestival2022BiNuu Club, Berlin, Germany
26th March 2022
Dark Spring Festival 2022 with Dear Deer (France), Brandenburg (Russia), Hapax (Italy), Golden Apes (Germany), Traitrs (Canada) and A Projection (Sweden)

After so much uncertainty, so many cancelled plans, the worries and fears we’ve all had to carry, and the inevitable disappointment as the situation has always seemed to worsen just as it was getting better - after all this, perhaps now we really can finally start to plan our lives again, and see a return to what we love to do with those people we care about and have missed.

And so, with a deep breath, here we are now in 2022, nervously but defiantly looking around and once again emerging from our shells. And there, waiting for us, refusing to buckle or bend, is DARK SPRING FESTIVAL, the annual celebration of the finest Goth / Darkwave / Post-Punk / Alternative music around, in one of the coolest cities on this fine old planet of ours. The BiNuu Club in Berlin will once again be the venue, and the line-up for 2022 is as mouth-wateringly awesome as ever. Bands from six different countries, and from varied genres, backgrounds, and styles will play deep into the night, and be followed by an after-show party to really test your stamina.

DEAR DEER will open the night with their quirky, energetic and hugely original sound, followed by Russia’s BRANDENBURG, who have been perfecting their brand of post-punk and alt-rock since 2010. HAPAX will be up next, their icy synth darkwave managing to be both highly danceable and melodic while remaining beautifully ice-cold, and Germany’s GOLDEN APES return for their traditional annual appearance at the festival, providing the shimmering, simmering post-punk, esoteric rock they do so very, very well. Band-of-the-moment TRAITRS make the trip from Canada to show you what all the recent fuss is about, and A PROJECTION headline, Sweden’s answer to INTERPOL and THE CHAMELEONS, a wonderfully eclectic dark mix of Post-Punk and Indie-Rock.

This is always an intimate and joyous festival, the top-notch music matched by the feeling of togetherness and community it enshrines. And now, more than ever before, this is essential to what we are and who we are. See you there!

Additional Festival Information
Doors: 18:00
Start: tba
Tickets are available for 38.50 euros via
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