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traitrs ohballerina
Artist: Traitrs
Title: Oh, Ballerina
Genre: Darkwave
Release Date: 13th August 2021
Label: Freakwave Records

Single Review

Toronto duo Shawn and Sean, do a mean take on ‘Pornography’-era THE CURE, right down to that cavernous yet claustrophobic production, and with yearning vocals almost clawing their way out of the speakers at you. No bad thing if you do it well, and TRAITRS do just that. But it’s especially rewarding to hear them go off-piste and carve an icy crevice all their own, on new single and future album-taster ‘Oh, Ballerina’.

It’s dark in here. From the off, this is like shutting yourself in a box, sealing it, and letting every shade of melancholy yet created, tumble about you in that confined space, squeezing the breath from you. The furious percussion pummels the senses into submission, like a reverse of those dreams where you can’t run. Here, there’s an almost supernatural thrashing of motion, but it’s controlled and frighteningly efficient at powering the sombre desperation of the vocals. When you unseal the box, it’s as if you’ve emerged somewhere entirely new. This is fabulous stuff.

‘Magdaline’ is no slouch either, tossed about on a stormy breeze, sounding vulnerable and in need of a big hug. You have to really feel something to make music this emotive, which is why comparisons with THE CURE are in no way negative. You can’t fake this kind of thing. Ask Robert Smith. What a massively miserable bastard he was back in the day. TRAITRS are beginning to be one of those Very Special Bands, their tasting and testing of textures showing a patient maturity and an eye on the long-game. A major break-through is not far away.


01. Oh, Ballerina
02. Magdaline


Shawn Tucker – Vocals / Guitar / Bass / Lyrics
Sean-Patrick Nolan – Synths / Piano / Sequencing / Programming

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traitrs ohballerina


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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