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goldenapes fromthesky
Artist: Golden Apes
Title: From The Sky
Genre: Dark Rock
Release Date: 29th July 2022
Label: Icy Cold Records

Album Review

Berlin’s GOLDEN APES exist in a rarefied sphere that seems at times to be almost untouched by the outside world. They are blissfully genre-fluid, happily popping-up alongside everything from gothic and post-punk, to art-rock, before burbling away into realms of their own making. Lyrically, their songs can be tragic and melancholy, or uplifting and joyous, intellectual and literary observations and musings coupled with fascinations around the occult and philosophy, and the music reflects this - a depth without pretentiousness and an ease with a tricky or complex concept. They’ve also got better with each new release.

Their latest EP ‘From The Sky’ sees an invigorated band with an adjusted line-up (the core of the Lebrecht brothers still intact), post-Covid, and bursting with ideas. Lead track ‘From The Sky’ drives arrow-straight into the future despite gently brushing with the dynamics of THE CHAMELEONS, a powerful, understated, cyclical and driven backing, with Peer’s imperious and controlled vocals whisking you away to somewhere quite magnificent. Play it a second time and it’s well and truly fastened itself on to you. This is superior song-writing.

‘Hold Me’ is measured, almost gentle, a tumble of hope and yearning, whereas ‘A New Days Dawn’ noodles about mysteriously before launching itself at you with drama and passion. ‘Hole’ almost trips itself up in an enthusiasm to be the best modern rock-song ever written, and it sparkles and shimmers and goes running around the place like a sugar-rush. You feel like you should tell it to calm down a bit while at the same time applauding the youthful energy and exuberance of it all. A remastered ‘Satori’ struts confidently into view, before the EP closes with a mix of ‘From The Sky’ that adds a Coldwave / Synth Pop feel to the original, creating an extra layer of otherworldliness to the whole.

If GOLDEN APES can come up with an EP of such quality and consistency as this, then whatever else they are cooking-up in that rarefied sphere (untouched by the outside world) promises to be truly special. We need bands like this. They possess a magic best left unexplained.


01. From The Sky
02. Hold Me
03. A New Days Dawn
04. Hole
05. Satori (2022 remastered)
06. From The Sky (Gravitas Mix by Voyna)


Peer Lebrecht – Vocals, keyboard
Christian Lebrecht – Bass
Gerrit Haasler – Guitar
Frank Flenz – Guitar
Joe Tyburn – Drums

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goldenapes fromthesky


Music: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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