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goldenapes by karoKratochwil01BadeHaus, Berlin, Germany
30th September 2022
Golden Apes, Wisborg, Tunes of Dawn

Berlin, Berlin… I haven’t been to the city in quite a while, and the idea of attending great concerts in my favorite area of Friedrichshain was irresistible. BadeHaus, a small, cozy venue located in the vicinity of another famous location Urban Spree, offered a shelter to three amazing bands for the night: GOLDEN APES, WISBORG, and TUNES OF DAWN. Each representing a slightly different tone of what might be called Darkwave, Metal, or Goth Rock, they offered a variety to both those fond of more melancholic and punching tones.

Tunes of Dawn

TUNES OF DAWN is an Alternative Rock band formed in 1999 in Berlin. The project emerged from the Death Metal band DELIRIUM TREMANCE, the band members come from different musical backgrounds, so the result the project offers to their listeners is a fine blend of what’s best in dark wave, Gothic Metal and Gothic Rock. They have five full albums on their account and five singles, including the one of 2022 ‘Broke’.

tunesofdawn by karoKratochwil21

Music & Performance
It was the first time I had a chance to see the band and hear their music. TUNES OF DAWN appeared on stage in dim, atmospheric lights that built up a fine, a bit of a mysterious atmosphere correlated very nicely with the profound nature of the music played: absolutely magical, lyrical, melancholic, and yet hard-hitting. It is true the band members come from different musical backgrounds and their diversified experience is well heard in the nature of their songs: harshness and intensity of Gothic Rock and Metal intertwine with the melancholy and lyricism of dark wave inspirations. Their performance evolved slowly and precisely like the best machinery just like the sonicscape blended sophisticated passages, harsh guitars, and drums recalling some good metal roots plus heartfelt, warm, velvety vocals of Hagen Schneevoigt constituted a delicate yet powerful whole. The fantastic ‘Cupola’ cover was a perfect close-up for this fine, heart-rendering performance.

tunesofdawn by karoKratochwil19

01. C.A.T.Y.A
02. A Letter to Watson
03. Little Darkness
04. Untitled
05. Love Ends Suicide
06. Rue
07. Cupola

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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With the release of their new album ‘Into the Void’ the band WISBORG established their great position within the scene. Formed in early 2017 they take inspiration and create within Dark Wave and Post-Punk genres.

wisborg by karoKratochwil26

Music & Performance
The last time I saw WISBORG was not that long ago, because it was at the end of August in Prague. I came to Berlin to check if they were as good as I remembered because, in Praha, it was a real revelation. Well - being awesome once can be a fool’s luck, but if it’s twice - it must be it then. And indeed, it is. Konstantin Michaely and Nikolas Eckstein are front-line superpower kicks. They provide a stunning mix of heavenly and hellish - absolutely amazing vocals being hot and cold, angelic and devilish, harsh and velvety smooth - the mixture and variety are overwhelming. Add to it feisty guitars and the melodic lines of a rollercoaster quality, and you’ll have a great outcome. Wiborg are currently promoting their most recent release, ‘Into the Void’, and they gave a series of European concerts to spread the news.

wisborg by karoKratochwil32

Their scenic manner is one of a kind as well - extremely dynamic, sexy, friendly, and rock star enough to make the audience gathered in BadeHaus run wild. Cheers to the beautiful fan who earned a kiss during the show.

01. Intro/Caligari
02. Fall From Grace
03. Don’t Dig Deep
04. In The Haze
05. An Erotic Funeral
06. Winter Falls
07. I Believe in Nothing
08. Perfume & Cigarettes
09. Spirits That I Called

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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Golden Apes

GOLDEN APES, specialists in dark, poetic sounds, recently released their new EP ‘From the Sky’. The material that was out on the 29th of July 2022 is a perfectly balanced mixture of delicate and profound. It introduces us to the world of mystery, thought-provoking impressions, associations, and incredible sounds.

goldenapes by karoKratochwil32

Music & Performance
I’ve listened to a lot of GOLDEN APES’ music and even did two interviews with them, but for some reason never had a chance to see them live. The more curious I was about the way the dark, melancholic, poetic, and a bit surreal poetry of their lyrics and sounds translate into the scenic matter. In Berlin, they played as the last band of the evening, and, to be honest, after the most spectacular, energy-sparkling, and vivid concerts by WISBORG and TUNES OF DAWN they appeared to me like soothing, pacifying sounds charmers, giving us a total change of tone. At least with the majority of their set. GOLDEN APES’ music is as mysterious in its message as it is focused on the mastery of the sound - the sonic matter is precisely composed and then performed. The show is not set in high pitch tone; on the contrary, it’s not that much about the scenic rock’n’roll but rather about the most intense experience of the music matter.

goldenapes by karoKratochwil30

The musicians are concentrated on their performance and may even seem a bit distant at times; it may even seem as if we participated in the private rehearsal rather than a concert, in its informality and relaxed manner. I find it absolutely inviting and intimate to be this close to the music in its pure for. It kind of adds to the charm of the entire performance, especially since the effect we are given is perfect. Neither the frontman Peer Lebrecht, nor the rest of the band pays attention to establishing an intense contact with the audience, so we, as the audience, are invited to be with them during their musical experience, participate and observe, rather than to be flattered by their attention. Dim lights and the sonic line, a combination of velvety and harsh, hypnotizing vocalic matter and the complex melodic lines built upon leading bass and guitars, gave a refined yet subtle multi-layered effect. A bit like a theatrical spectacle, a bit like a poetry slam, it was an excellent closing of the concert night.

goldenapes by karoKratochwil21

01. From The Sky
02. Voykova
03. Satori
04. Hole
05. Verity
06. Hold Me
07. Provenance
08. Oblivion
09. Ferryman

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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  • goldenapes_by_karoKratochwil29
  • goldenapes_by_karoKratochwil30

All pictures by Karo Kratochwil

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