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RobertGoerl DAF 48 von 48Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
21st September 2022
DAF & Robert Goerl - “Nur Noch Einer!” Tour 2022 - Support: Inseln

The German cult band DEUTSCH AMERIKANISCHE FREUNDSCHAFT performed at that evening at the club Forum in Bielefeld. After the death of Gabi Delgado, the second half of the duo, Robert Goerl, completed the album they had already started. Robert Goerl gave the album the name ‘Nur noch einer!’ (Only one more!) and is touring Europe with the songs from this album. Before Robert Goerl came on stage for his performance, the band INSELN from Münster kicked things off. INSELN stepped in at short notice for the band BRAGOLIN, who had to cancel their task as opening band for private reasons.


Even though the Forum was not quite filled when Martin Staeckling (guitar / vocals) and Patrick Jödicke (bass) of the band INSELN entered the stage, the band set the mood right from the start with their Post-Punk music. On stage, the stack of Fritz Kola boxes caught the eye directly. On top of these boxes was Martin’s guitar amplifier. While the two boys were clearly visible on stage, Nora Schulte-Coerne played the drums, slightly hidden. Her playing, on the other hand, had absolutely nothing to hide. At times you could tell from her playing that she is a big DAF fan. With their German lyrics and music, they follow in the footsteps of the German bands such as FEHLFARBEN, PALAIS SCHAUMBURG, BLUMFELD, etc. /

Inseln Bielefeld 2022 11 von 14

01. Ich Weiß Es Noch Nicht
02. Disco Ruft
03. Stets Bemüht
04. In Deinen Händen
05. Es ist hier
06. Nichts
07. Rauschen
08. Alles Was Ich Noch Nicht Kann
09. Nah Bei Mir
10. Der Letzte Tag
11. Weiter Kommt Wer Weiter Kriecht
12. Es Ist Zu Spät
13. Dein Gesicht Am Fenster

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Light: 8
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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DAF & Robert Goerl

Anyone who has experienced DAF live as a duo has certainly looked for Robert’s drums on stage. But since Robert Goerl has been performing alone, the drum sound comes from the computer. So, all you saw on stage was a microphone stand and two keyboards in the corner. Even during the setup and the short sound check, a young blonde woman could be seen walking across the stage. The young lady was Sylvie Marks, a Berlin producer and DJ who supports Robert Goerl on keyboards on his tour. It was an unusual feeling to see ROBERT GOERL alone and behind the microphone, but he showed the audience that he produced the album, an outstanding masterpiece, with and for his “brother” Gabi Delgado.

RobertGoerl DAF 46 von 48

From this album he played songs like ‘Kunststoff’, ‘Ein Kind Des Ratinger Hof’ or ‘Gedanken Lesen’. Robert Goerl moved with his casual manner while singing his lyrics in the DAF typical Sprechgesang. In the background, photos Robert Goerl and Gabi Delgado from various times were shown on a screen. Sylvie Marks then came on stage in her black dress and a black lace mask and curtsied. Besides the news songs, there were also songs from the time with Gabi Delgado. Here Robert also mentioned Gabi with the sentence “Gabi was my brother” and then directly played the song ‘Brothers’. Robert even played ‘Als Wär’s Das Letzte Mal’ and said that it was Gabi’s favourite song.

RobertGoerl DAF 47 von 48

All in all, it was a brilliant evening. A very good support band and Robert Goerl, who together with his assistant made people dance and remember the songs of DAF.

01. Im Schatten
02. Kunststoff
03. Wir sind wild
04. im Dschungel der Liebe
05. Das Pur Pur Rot
06. Gedanken lesen
07. Ein Kind aus dem Ratinger Hof
08. Du bist so zart
09. Loslassen
10. Neue Welt
11. Kein Ausweg
12. Es muss ans Licht
13. Holland Road
14. Brothers
15. Das Geschenk
16. Nur noch Einer
17. Als wärs das letzte Mal
18. Prinzessin
19. Liebe auf den ersten Blick
20. Sato Sato
21. Verlier nicht den Kopf
22. Mit Dir

Music: 9
Performance: 7
Light: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.3 / 10

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  • RobertGoerl_DAF_26_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_27_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_28_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_29_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_2_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_30_von_48
  • RobertGoerl_DAF_31_von_48
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  • RobertGoerl_DAF_48_von_48
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  • RobertGoerl_DAF_6_von_48

All Pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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