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Anders (Synths) of Autodafeh

It's not so long ago that the Swedish trio AUTODAFEH has put out their EP 're:lectro' in August 2009. 2010 already sees them returning to the international dance floors with the new full-length 'Identity Unknown'. So, let’s see what the band has to tell about the latest development.

Reflections of Darkness (RoD): Hi Anders, thanks a lot for answering a few questions about AUTODAFEH and your new album ‘Identity Unknown’.
Anders: Hi, no problem, glad to be here!

RoD: For all people who still don't know you: Please introduce yourselves and the project AUTODAFEH shortly.
Anders: AUTODAFEH is an EBM / Electro band from the south of Sweden, me, who plays synths, Mika who sings and Jesper who plays percussion. We all write and produce our songs together at our studio Echo Room in a town called Kristianstad. We started the band in late 2007 and got signed to the American label Sigsaly Transmissions in Austin Texas in early 2008

RoD: How did it come to the name AUTODAFEH?
Anders: The name is actually taken from the SPK album called ‘Auto Da Fé’ released in 1983. We just made it a little bit more "modern" (Auto de fé in medieval Spanish (and in Portuguese) means "act of faith").

RoD: What is behind the album-title ‘Identity Unknown’?
Anders: Well, we thought it was a good name, and it's also the title of one of our songs on the album.

RoD: Is there a certain topic that draws through the album?
Anders: No topic, it's just good songs and kind of songs that would fit in a movie, of course some songs fit in a the clubs as well as a home party, I guess it's another of our records with hard pumping EBM and sing-along lyrics!

RoD: Your new album shows in addition to Power-EBM also Mid-Tempo songs. What is more fun for you to make?
Anders: Neither, we don't consider that when we write the songs, we just make a song that we feel sounds good, be it a Power EBM or a mid tempo song, as long as we like it ourselves it's good enough ;)

RoD: In another interview you mentioned FRONT 242 as your main influence. One can really hear some typical style elements of FRONT 242 in some of your tracks. Are you afraid of being too much compared with your idols or doesn't that really bother you?
Anders: Actually it doesn't bother us at all. We do music almost in the same genre, and FRONT 242 have always been a big influence to us, even since we were kids. We do music that feels good and makes people sing along.

RoD: Is it a special honour for you to have been on stage as support for FRONT 242 and now to be remixed by Daniel B.?
Anders: Absolutely, since they have been around since we grew up and they are still kicking ass! It was a magical moment when we got the remix and heard it the first time.

RoD: How do you experience the EBM scene in Sweden in comparison to other countries?
Anders: The EBM scene is very small in Sweden compared to in Germany. But we do have a lot of really good EBM bands in our country.

RoD: Sweden isn't only known for good EBM music; it generally has a huge electro scene. What is in your opinion the reason for that?
Anders: I think it's because Sweden is a technological country, everyone in Sweden has a computer or at least access to one at all the time, and with the easy access to the internet and what's available from there, people can explore new technology, and if you have a musical interest there's loads applications, programmes, music available. And that's probably one reason.

RoD: When AUTODAFEH was born, did you already think of it as a pure EBM project?
Anders: Yes, in a way, we wanted to make music that we grew up with. Especially EBM / Electro.

RoD: If EBM would be a product you should sell, how would you pitch it to your customers?
Anders: Hard pumping electronic music, often with a great baseline and loads of energy within the music.

RoD: You only exist since 2007. How did you experience your own development from a Newcomer to a firmly established Band in this short time?
Anders: We have worked with music for many years, but you learn new things all the time. I think we've found a good way to work, both in studio and when we are playing live in clubs or festivals.

RoD: Do you work preferably analogue or digital?
Anders: Today we work mostly digital, because it's more convenient, but it would be fun to do some analogue recording too.

RoD: Do you also listen to EBM privately or are you satisfied with only making this music?
Anders: I think we all listen to all kind of music and we do listen to a lot of EBM also.

RoD: Where can we see you live this year?
Anders: I think we will be playing live in a lot of clubs around Germany this year and maybe on few festivals as well. We just need to get the gigs confirmed. Hopefully we will play in some other countries as well, like Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and Sweden off course this year.

RoD: Your closing words?
Anders: Keep stompin'

RoD: Thanks a lot for your answers! We wish you furthermore great success and a lot of fun with your live-shows.
Anders: Thank you!

Interview based on a transcript by © PromoFabrik ( - February 2010
Interviewers: Dietmar Fels & Astrid Kerber


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