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autodafeh actoffaith
Artist: Autodafeh
Title: Act Of Faith
Genre: EBM / Electro
Release Date: 16th September 2011
Label: Scanner Records

Album Review

The AUTODAFEH comes from Sweden and as a band they are obviously inspired by FRONT 242. They are so influenced by them that if one day they decide to change the name of the band to “Front 243” it will not surprise me at all. Yet this description shall do injustice to the band. It’s granted that the opener ‘Heaven Screams’ is as close as it gets to their idols. Yet, since they were formed in 2007 in the middle of the anti-terrorist hysteria it seems they have decided to connect the last phases of the Cold War with the one we are living in. ‘Killer’ makes this connection obvious; be it in terms of music or in its theme. What the hunting down of Noriega and Saddam Hussein have in common is the exercise of power from the side of the hunters. Musically here they connect the dots from the mid-80’s to a much more modern approach. This also holds to the truly catchy ‘Land Of Nothing’ which despite its 2:45 min makes quite an impression.

‘Watch Out’ is influenced by AND ONE and actually I had the impression that it was constructed as juxtaposition for ‘Military Fashion Show’. ‘Promises’ has something grand that at the same time is indeed a promise for the future career of the band. Electro pop at its finest. Which lead us to ‘Camp Intel’, another song inspired by AND ONE and the weakest moment of the album. The last two songs are reworked tracks from the band’s earlier work. The more AND ONE-esque ‘Divided We Fall’ with this striking line “two for two and one for all” which is not indented as a humorous pun and ‘Fuel Of Fire’ which stands somewhere between NITZER EBB and DIE KRUPPS. What is obvious is that though at times the band enjoys accompanying its idols in their musical paths at others they’re successfully fighting to get rid of them, and establish their own course. They have to be more decisive though...


01. Heaven Screams – 3:53
02. Killer – 5:07
03. Land Of Nothing – 2:45
04. Reality Shock – 4:11
05. Make Us Believe – 3:50
06. Watch Out – 3:37
07. Treasure Hunt – 3:37
08. Wheel Of Faith – 4:00
09. Promises – 3:38
10. Camp Intel – 4:08
11. Fuel Of Fire (2011) – 3:49
12. Divided We Fall (2011) – 3:54


Mika - Lead vocals, computers, keys, percussions
Anders - Vocals, computers, keys
Jesper - Vocals, noise, percussions

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autodafeh actoffaith


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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