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Title: re:lectro
Artist: Autodafeh
Genre: EBM, Electro
Release Date: 21st August 2009
Label: Sigsaly Transmission

Album Review

The Swedish threesome AUTODAFEH advertises its newest EP by using the promising title `re:lectro´ and anticipates what kind of style Mika, Jeppe and Anders were influenced by. Let’s go back in time to the 1980s and let’s remember EBM pioneers such as FRONT 242 and NITZER EBB in those days. Let’s go back to the roots. However, AUTODAFEH was founded in 2007. Last year, the project released its first album `Hunt for Glory´ that came as a real bomb shell. According to that, AUTODAFEH fans (and those who still want to become ones) may have high expectations.

Actually, you’ve got to hand it to the guys that they did everything right concerning the EP’s sound. The basses are pumping, Mika is shouting in the right way, the tracks are half-way melodic and therefore, they will be able to attract non-EBM-heads too. Every now and then, the synths even remind me of very early DEPECHE MODE albums. Just listen to the third track `Retro Electric´ whose keyboard lines could be a declaration of love to the first album `Speak & Spell´ of the groundbreaking British cult band, as well as the sound of the last song `Whispers´. The `re:lectro´ soundscape of this EP isn’t bombastic at all. Once in a while, Mika’s vocals are distorted, but it’s an usual stylistic device and not that innovative. `Under the Surface´ is literally icy and extremely danceable stuff. My favourite is the electrifying `Secret Ground´ that radiates a threatening and somehow manic atmosphere.

In my opinion, AUTODAFEH delivered an entertaining and catchy album that plays safe. Nevertheless, I can’t resent the Swedish guys that they fell back on well-tried material. The coherent complete package of `re:lectro´ makes the release worth listening and me deducting only two points due to the tiny little blemish of a lack of being innovative. All in all: Well done!


01. Airborne
02. Dark Sky
03. Retro Electric
04. Secret Ground
05. The Chase
06. Under the Surface
07. Whisper


Mika - vocals
Jeppe - drums
Anders - synths

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Music: 8
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 8 / 10


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