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Title: Identity Unknown
Artist: Autodafeh
Genre: EBM / Electro
Release Date: 9th April 2010
Label: Sigsaly Transmission

Album Review

It's not so long ago that the Swedish trio AUTODAFEH has put out their EP 're:lectro' in August 2009. 2010 already sees them returning to the international dance floors with the new full-length 'Identity Unknown'.

Instead of a proper EBM stomper, the guys kick off their newest release with a mighty sound collage, mirroring a hard war situation underlined by slow retro beats. 'Divided We Fall' isn't that much faster, but it's already steering in the right direction, which is to make people move ecstatically! 'Evil Doll' gets introduced by short ambient flickers, disappearing only seconds later to raise your adrenaline level, not with speed but with a dark power that dwells inside the fabric of the sometimes claustrophobic-seeming, minimalist rhythm builds, having quite an organic sound to them. Strengthened they are by carefully placed piano notes underscoring the moody character of the piece. 'Meltdown' finally demands all your power reserves for wild dancing to the speedy make up, before the title track comes and considerably goes down with the tempo. Luckily, 'Love, Hate & Pain' is just around the corner, presenting classic Electronic Body Music for your pleasure.

Even though they play a safe game for big parts of the record with sticking to well-tried formulas, you certainly can't deny the modern influence on several tracks of 'Identity Unknown' though. In parts it reminds me of the new NITZER EBB material while lacking its force on the other hand. Still, the threesome has done a good job with 'Identity Unknown'.


01. Dead Eyes
02. Divided We Fall
03. Crash and Burn
04. Evil Doll
05. Meltdown
06. Identity Unknown
07. Love, Hate and Pain
08. 7 Sins
09. Brick by Brick
10. Hall of Fame
11. Fake
12. Outbreak
13. DWF (Pirate Remix by Daniel B. of Front 242)


Mika - Vocals
Jeppe - Drums
Anders - Synths


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Music: 7
Sound: 7
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10


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