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autodafeh digitalcitizens
Artist: Autodafeh
Title: Digital Citizens
Genre: EBM
Release Date: 27th March 2015
Label: Scanner Records

Album Review

Sometimes it is so hard to decide what would be better for a particular scene if it simply died or if it stayed alive but as creep without any actual perspectives. EBM and electro-scene in general left its Golden Age far behind. Fortunately or not, but a lot of bands still try to do their best labelling it electro body music. So do the AUTODAFEH.

It seems that EBM became a panacea for lots of things. You’re not an educated musician? Don’t know any notes? Can’t sing? Have nothing to say but can’t stop talking? Join the EBM-army. To make your creativity even more convenient link it to the founders of the style: FRONT 242, NIETZER EBB etc… Another hint – your texts should be clear, simple and go around all the modern digital stuff – thank Zuckerberg, Assange and Snowden, our life became a digital dystopia. You can sing about digital citizenship, conflicts (no matter what, they’re always a trend), of course mention future (“no future” even better), and all of the digital stereotypes you’ll find. Add to your press-release a kicking motto like “Analogue bases, beckoning into a digital world” and you’re ready to go. Here is a simple receipt for releasing an album like AUTODAFEH’s ‘Digital Citizens’.

But let’s be fair, AUTODAFEH seem to be really dedicated to the old-school EBM. And this is great they have not only inspiration, but also courage to make their own stuff. The only thing they probably shouldn’t release their albums that often. Probably it would be better to spend more time with their material. Quality is always more important than quantity. Following this rule you don’t have to hurry with the release of the next number, worrying to be forgotten the other day. But ‘Digital Citizens’ is not bad, comparing to other EBM-albums, released during the last decade. In spite of lack of meaningful lyrics and terrible but quite traditional for this genre vocals, the album has catching kicks, nice effects and all in all it sounds nice. However, like thousands of the others the band fails to show their respect for the music they love. And releases like this are rather a requiem for the old-school EBM… a badly sang requiem with no hope to be remembered in a year.


01. Game Of Life
02. Feeding The Flames
03. Conflict
04. Digital Citizens
05. Legacy
06. Fatamorgana
07. No Future
08. Information Society
09. No Shuffle (Front 242 Cover)
10. Ready To Go
11. High On Pain
12. Carpe Diem
13. Set Me Free


Mika - Lead vocals, computers, keys, percussions
Anders - Vocals, computers, keys
Jesper - Vocals, noise, percussions

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autodafeh digitalcitizens


Music: 6
Sound: 6
Total: 6 / 10

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