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Paard van Troje, The Hague, The Netherlands
May 11th 2006
Gorefest, Thanatos

On this wannabe summer day, I left pretty early to Den Haag. When waiting in sun I see already a few of people walking around in Gorefest merchandise. Perhaps they had the same idea as me to enjoy the sun and the city before the concert starts. As the temperature is pretty high I was afraid it would be too warm in the venue as well, but after all I can only conclude it was not that warm inside.


This band has been in the Dutch metal scene since 1984. In the 90’s they played with bands as Kreator, Sepultura and Napalm death and released some death/trash metal albums. Because of some problems they splitted up in 1992. After a few years and some new members Thanatos was reanimated. A few years and line-up changes later, the band is working on another album which will be released at the end of summer 2006.

From the moment this band started I had the idea I recognized the music. But then in the next song I also heard something I already know, but different from the first song. Do I hear some Metallica? Do I hear some Sepultura? I hear many bands, but I wonder if Thanatos have an own identity as well. Besides the fact that I recognise a lot, I also hear the music is good. There is a good balance between the band members. They seem to enjoy what they are doing.
After a while it starts becomes boring to listen. Still hearing the tunes I already know but then the lyrics are wrong. Then I would have more fun if they did play cover songs because then I am sure I know the lyrics and not feeling myself stupid for knowing the song without the lyrics.  

Thanatos is not a band which could be statues, but also not a band which is hyperactive. Good to see and fits the music perfectly. Only thing which is a bit distracting is the overused stroboscope. It is a bit annoying. They do a lot of talking with the audience telling about albums which were released in middle ages. At least, they say so. The singer does not really remember which songs were from which albums and needs some back up from his mates. It looks pretty unprofessional.

Music 6
Performance 6
Sound 7
Light 5
Total 6


Gorefest is pretty a well known band in the Netherlands. They started in 1989 and became pretty succesfull in a short period. For years they were the most successful death-metalband but in 1998 they decided to break up. They were missed a lot by their fans from all different countries and for this reason they decided 7 years later to start playing again. In 2005 they released their new album “La muerte”. Fans waited so many years for the return of the kings and then finally they are back again.

Gorefest plays some different death metal. In stead of singing about Satan and hell you get some critical sounds about political issues. Because of the difference between Gorefest and regular death metal bands in lyrics, this band gets a lot of attention. Is that the secretly hidden power of the band?
Although there are not many fans in the venue, (perhaps because this show is on a Thursday)the fans of the band seem to know the songs pretty well. They are already requesting them before the band is to the point the song has to be played. As the band splitted up because of a fight in the first place, you don’t even noticed that there are any difficulties in the band. So Gorefest has made a successful reunion and that results in a wonderful show with some awesome songs.

Fans of Gorefest seems to be used at a little interaction with the public. As the band entered the stage I heard people screaming the names of the band members and of course they get some response. During their show, the band talks a bit about their past. Telling the audience that Gorefest played a show in this venue very long ago and that show was awesome. The band also asked which of people were with that show. According to the audience they were all there! They don’t move a lot during their show, but that doesn’t really matter. You will have fun watching the show anyway. At the end of the show they shake some hands with the people on front row, which is appreciated a lot. Only negative thing: there was, just like with Thanatos, a lot of stroboscope use.

Music 7
Performance 7
Sound 7
Light 6
Total 7

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