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garbage people
Artist: Garbage
Title: Not Your Kind Of People
Genre: Alternative / Rock
Release Date: 11th May 2012
Label: Cooperative Music

Album Review

There’s a lot of water under the bridge ever since the last GARBAGE album #Bleed Like Me’ was out in 2005’. A natural instinct in many critics and fans tells them then that a new album, if announced, must be bigger, better brighter, for some a complete new direction! Well, those might be disappointed to hear that the new GARBAGE record ‘Not Your Kind Of People’ isn’t any of that, and after listening through the album a couple of times I don’t think that it was ever intended that way. On the contrary, there’s a strong feel of consistency prevailing on the new album, a refinement of details rather than a complete U-turn. The opening made by ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ starts it the electronic way before the driven beat kicks in and adds the missed momentum. ‘Big Bright World’ adds a twist of cold wave minimalism to begin with and Manson’s vocals flourish on that sonic carpet.

The track eventually explodes into a catchy anthem. ‘Blood For Poppies’ is instant head-nodding pleasure with its distinct rhythm and words thrown at you while electronic details emerge in the background. Contrary to the previous one, the title track kicks things down a few notches and just like the title suggests is meant as a distinction mark, a group of people standing out of the ordinary crowd and noisy blahblah. Initially, when starting ‘I Hate Love’ I felt in the wrong place. It could just as well have been a techno track. Fortunately for me and others, the track turns out much more multi-layered than that and develops captivating dynamics. ‘Battle in Me’ certainly takes no prisoners. It’s bursting with energies that surely make a crowd go nuts and the distortion-filled chorus just is the icing on the cake. ‘Man On A Wire’ is a little more traditional, meaning it’s abandoning any electronic influences and instead comes with a genuine punk attitude.

If you get something like that as penultimate track you’re starting to wonder how the closing must be like. The answer is: Surprising! ‘Beloved Freak’ is nothing short of ingenious. An acoustic, fragile ballad type of song that sees Manson’s vocals shining at an emotional peak, always close to drown within the song’s depth! I guess the conclusion is obvious. There’s definitely no complete re-invention and I for one am glad it isn’t. It’s GARBAGE as good as ever and that’s good enough for me.


01. Automatic Systematic Habit - 3:18
02. Big Bright World - 3:36
03. Blood For Poppies - 3:40
04. Control - 4:12
05. Not Your Kind Of People - 4:59
06. Felt - 3:27
07. I Hate Love - 3:55
08. Sugar - 4:01
09. Battle In Me - 4:16
10. Man On A Wire - 3:09
11. Beloved Freak - 4:30


Shirley Manson – vocals, guitar
Steve Marker – guitar, keyboards
Duke Erikson – bass guitar, keyboards, guitar, percussion
Butch Vig – drums, percussions


Cover Picture

garbage people


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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