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hellmilitia jacobsladder
Artist: Hell Miltia
Title: Jacob’s Ladder
Genre: Black Metal
Release Date: 16th November 2012
Label: Underground Activists / Seasons Of Mist

Album Review

HELL MILITIA is a French Black Metal band, whose origins can be traced back to 1999. The band was “officially” founded in 2001 and so far has released one demo, a split with ANTAEUS and three studio records. The latest one, ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, was already released at the end of 2012, following ‘Last Station on the Road to Death’. With ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, HELL MILITIA created a very unique and demanding album, that is everything but easily accessible. They refined their very own style of Black Metal – including monotonous riffs, slow, depressed parts and atmospheric tension. ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ opens up with a spoken intro and then puts forward a very dissonant, forceful and heavy riff. The vocals are hoarse and screamed and fit to the abrupt changes between fast and slow elements.

‘Jonah’ is somewhat grooving, whereas ‘Sternenfall’ begins with a presumed film sampler, which is underlined by guitar tunes. This creates a certain tension and veers towards another fast but varied track, the lyrics are in German. In general, the changing of speedy to solemn and measured parts works very well in terms of indicating suspense. ‘Death Worship’ opens up with a distinct guitar riff, which is later built up to a demanding and interesting middle-part. Following, ‘The Black Projector’ commences in a more brutal way with blast beats and not the slightest traces of melodies. Yet the interplays between fast and heavy, slower parts and even whispered vocals create a very dark, mysterious and oppressive atmosphere.

Until now, ‘The Second Coming of the Pig’ is maybe the most interesting song on the album – again, a varied song structure is included, but the transitions used are extremely well made, often come unexpected and create an incredible tension. The second half of the song slows down and introduces spoken interludes with references to drugs. ‘Deus Irae’ picks up the speed again and offers a more traditional Black Metal song – brutality and reduced but somehow catchy riffs are necessary at this point of the album, since they release some suspense. ‘Jericho’ wraps up the album in a doom-influenced, atmospheric manner and sums up all relevant aspects of ‘Jacob’s Ladder’.

To conclude, the album is extremely well made, interesting and innovative in its own respect. Although most of the people would only consider this style of music as noise, it is very demanding and thoroughly arranged. Highly recommended to any fan of quality Black Metal.


01. Jacob's Ladder
02. Jonah
03. Sternenfall
04. Death Worship
05. The Black Projector
06. The Second Coming of the Pig
07. Deus Irae
08. Jericho


Meyhna'ch – vocals
T. Persecutor – Lead Guitars
Arkdaemon – Guitars
LsK – Bass
Dave Terror – Drums
S. – VJ

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hellmilitia jacobsladder


Music: 10
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9.5 / 10

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