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headlessbeast phantomfury
Artist: Headless Beast
Title: Phantom Fury
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 5th May 2019
Label: Housemaster Records

Album Review

HEADLESS BEAST hail from Ulm, Baden-Württemberg. The Classic Metal band was formed in 1999 and ‘Phantom Fury’ is their second full-length album. The band was formerly known as BEASTS OF BOURBON but changed their name in 2004. The style of ‘Phantom Fury’ ranges between NWoBHM and Teutonic Metal, it represents an advancement and continuation of the musical development felt on the last record ‘Forced to Kill’. Thematically the song material deals with the phenomenon and by-products of our modern times which affect our daily life and our activities. It deals with manipulation, infatuation, and excess social descent, abuse of religion, fear of failure and the dangers of wrong used media among other relevant issues. Those lead to a general discontent and show in a harsh conversational tone and a radicalising society.

HEADLESS BEAST’s music is hard to describe; it is definitely Metal but it leans heavily into the best of 80s Rock too. I only hope I don’t cause a shit storm here but sometimes Witzler sounds like John Bongiovi (and I say that with great respect). The musical superstructure on this record is as blistering with melody and catchy as the literal fuck that I consider this as one of the biggest surprises of this soon ending year. The title song sounds like a JUDAS PRIEST classic and ‘Pray for nothing’ sounds like the love child of a heavy dose of NWoBHM plus BONJOVI; I am truly enthusiastic right now. I really dig this entirely, every artist involved knows their craft and united they create a big dose of heavy fun. The production of Vagelis Maranis (crisp) and the artwork of Markus Vesper (old-school af) is to be mentioned too because both is awesome. If you like on point arranged, tight compositions, great rhythms and excellent vocals bow down before the HEADLESS BEAST!


01. Phantom Fury
02. Resurrection
03. One year in Hell
04. Used to the Evil
05. Virtual Abyss
06. Feed the Beast
07. Suicide Solution
08. To the Grave
09. The Darkness
10. World of Fear
11. Black Reign
12. Pray for Nothing


Swen Kuhlang – Bass
Matthias Schwarz – Drums
Ingo Neuber – Guitars
Jürgen Witzler – Vocals

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headlessbeast phantomfury


Sound: 9
Music: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10

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