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Fallen LiesRockhal, Esch sur Alzette, Luxembourg
24th January 2020
Fallen Lies - “Confusion” Release Party - Support: Stelise

The very first album... if this isn’t a reason to celebrate! That’s probably what the five-piece Rock band FALLEN LIES from Bissen thought and invited everyone to the Floor of the Rockhal on 24 January. They were joined by STELISE, who are known for their melancholic Rock.


STELISE is a Luxembourgish band that was founded in 2016. The project has started with Steve Richer on the guitar and Elise Nunes on the vocals. They both wrote a first song entitled ‘Empty’ and they played the song at a few Open Mics. As you can see, the band’s name is a mash-up of their surnames (Steve and Elise) because together they try to make music you’ll might love and without each other it would be unthinkable.

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Music & Performance
The floor of the Rockhal was already very crowded and many people wanted to celebrate their first album with FALLEN LIES. But a successful evening also needs a support act. The prelude was made by the melancholic rock group STELISE, which is influenced by Trip-Hop. They released their first album ‘If There Is An Escape’ in 2018. The band presented their songs, which mostly are about politics, love, hate and loneliness. Due to the unusual combination of rock and trip-hop, STELISE is stylistically not easy to classify, especially as the soft, warm voice of singer Elise meets the powerful, hard guitar chords of Steve. But STELISE are definitely enthusiastic.

01. Eternal Fallin Pt. 1 & 2
02. Liar
03. My Liberation
04. Empty
05. The Day After the End
06. Master

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Fallen Lies

In 2012 four friends, the current founding members of FALLEN LIES, decided to meet regularly to make music. The band quickly realized that a good singer was needed and set out on a search, which turned out to be a difficult mission. Before they met the right lead singer, the band did not stop composing songs. In 2014 the current and also final line-up with the power front woman Lynn was born. From that point on, the group performed in various bars and small festivals to get used to the feeling of being on stage and to fine-tune their style. 2017 was an important year for the quintet: they organized their first festival called “Winter Meltdown” and won the prize of the competition “Rock The South” in Pétange. The latter enabled the band to finally produce and realize their first album ‘Confusion’.

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Music & Performance
After the performance of the support act, the visitors are more than ready for the real stars of the evening. FALLEN LIES entered the stage to the cheers of the crowd. There wasn't much space left on the Floor, at least here it became clear: the release party was completely sold out! Much to the joy of the band. With ‘Hold On’ the five-piece band started their set and played one great song after the other. The first record is called ‘Confusion’, because sometimes life is just confusing. This idea also runs through the whole album. It’s about themes that everybody feels connected to. At their gig FALLEN LIES presented their Power and Hard Rock in its whole range. From melodic and harmonic parts, like on ‘Neverending Mind’ or ‘Open Book’, to a more groovy and heavy direction - all this could be heard on this evening.

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The songs have clear influences of ALTER BRIDGE and also a touch of METALLICA can be heard. No wonder - the Luxembourgers feel very inspired by these Metal giants. For the song ‘Go Away’ the group took some support from Elise, who already heated up the audience with her support band. Quite fast the spark jumped over and the audience got its money worth. But after a short breather during the quieter songs, the band continued full of energy before the end with ‘Stop Thinking’ and ‘Free Your Mind’. But the audience didn't let up and wanted more. No sooner said than done. The band played ‘Deduction’ and ‘Welcome To My Life’ before they said goodbye and signed autographs at the merchandise stand.

01. Intro
02. Hold On
03. Shut Up and Jump
04. Neverending Mind
05. Without You
06. Confusion
07. Go Away
08. Open Book
09. Ten Million Questions
10. Stop Thinking
11. Free Your Mind
12. Deduction
13. Welcome To My Life

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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