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horizonignited towardsthedyinglands
Artist: Horizon Ignited
Title: Towards The Dying Lands
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore
Release Date: 1st July 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

Finland is no stranger to heavy soundscapes from Death to Black Metal and beyond, I was not aware of the top notch Melodic Death / Metalcore bands that seem to bloom over there. Meet HORIZON IGNITED a band that will surely get a  lot of recognition in both Germany and the US after releasing this eighteen days ago. The band was formed only five years ago and ‘Towards The Dying Lands’ is the six-pieces second full-length output to date. The band has recently signed a deal with major label Nuclear Blast Records. Sound-wise this is a  very ambitious mix of modern Melodic Metal with Death Metal.

The vocals are very variable and powerful, the riffs are catchy and melodic and both drums and bass are executed brilliantly. Over all this rhythmic and atmospheric parts and pieces the keys are soaring above and beyond. The keys are an essential part of the overall sound unlike what other bands are capable of approaching when adding those. Everyone who knows me knows what is still to come: the vocals. Okko Solanterä is a fantastic vocalist, he can do the clean parts to an extend where he is hitting the sweet highs and he can do the nasty stuff too (his growls are brutal as all fuck). This really is a band to keep on the radar for further examination...


01. Beyond Your Reach
02. Servant
03. Towards The Dying Lands
04. End Of The Line
05. Guiding Light
06. Reveries
07. Aching Wings
08. Death Has Left her Side
09. Fall Apart
10. Eventide Of Abysmal Grief


Jiri Vanhatalo – Drums
Johannes Mäkinen – Guitars
Vili Vottonen – Guitars
Miska Ek – Keyboards
Okko Solanterä – Vocals
Jukka Haarala – Bass


Cover Picture

horizonignited towardsthedyinglands


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10

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