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Artist: Fauns
Title: Awaiting the Sun
Genre: Folk / Progressive Rock
Release Date: 1st April 2011
Label: Firefield Records

Album Review

FAUNS are a quintet from Germany founded in the mid-90’s, for a long time they’ve been producing a lot of demo recordings, have been included in several compilations, then in 2007 came their album ‘LeafFall’, now they are releasing  another offering entitled ‘Awaiting the Sun’. FAUNS’ combination of Prog Rock and Folk results in a music that is mellow and interesting, their musicianship is not to be faulted -each instrument enriches the other, be their guitars, viola and flutes, to listen to someone as skilful with their instruments is a smooth and wonderful listening experience. Jan’s vocal is in many ways what can be described as angelic or as a crystal freshness of a creek in some unspoilt, magical woods. Kirsten’s voice has a wonderful texture and is a joy to listen to also, especially in ‘The Path’. Their songs have a tender beauty about them that carries all the way through.

The moods are pervasively pensive and at the same time hopeful, not to mention that they possess a subtle, thoughtful quality. The Progressive elements bring into it a sense of movement, but they do not disturb the tranquil feeling of the whole - they’re like a welcomed breeze on a hot day. FAUNS are apparently quite inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien; their vision is indeed rich and fertile in imagination and transports the listeners into a reality where they can shed the tensions of their own world and see them reflected in a more enchanting way. ‘Awaiting the Sun’ is a relaxing journey through a mostly peaceful dream and strangely soothing. I would say that you do have to be in the right mood for their music, and when you are ‘Awaiting the Sun’ album is just great to put on and let it carry you - to ‘A Perfect Place’ (one of the most beautiful tracks on here for me with its delicate yet intense wistfulness gently and empathetically punctuated by an electric guitar). Especially a good choice after a hard and stressful day!


01. Scenes From A Dream – 6.32
02. Every Wave Its Prey – 4.43
03. The Path – 10.10
04. Way To The Sun – 4.57
05. A Perfect Place – 10.44
06. The Path (Reprise) – 1.48
07. Dawn – 20.23


Jan – Vocals, electric and 12 string acoustic guitar
Nils – Drums, flute, guitar, vocals
Jan – Keyboards, organ and piano
Falk – Four and six string fretless bass
Kirsten – Viola, flute, vocals

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total:7.5 / 10

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