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nightingales fivescars
Artist: Night in Gales
Title: Five Scars
Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Release Date: 4th November 2011
Label: Lifeforce Records

Album Review

NIGHT IN GALES is a German Melodic Death Metal band, founded in the year of 1995. Their fifth record, fittingly entitled ‘Five Scars’ was released exactly ten years after the latest work, ‘Necrodynamic’. Beforehand, the band established themselves with their debut record ‘Towards the Twilight’ (1997). After ‘Epitaph’, a nice intro including stringed instruments, ‘This Neon Grave’ breaks loose and pinpoints the band’s trademarks: Modern Melodic Death Metal, influenced by Metalcore, including lots of catchy harmonies, clean as well as harsher vocals and at times quite modern breakdowns. ‘Days of the Mute’ starts off in a pretty calm, melodic and at times dark way and continues rather slow, apart from a quite powerful chorus. The title track ‘Five Scars’ again carries a small intro with violins and violoncellos, soon veering towards a very harsh and drum-striven song.

In ‘Void Venture’, NIGHT IN GALES directly quote ‘We Are The Void’, the title of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s most recent album. In addition, ‘Endtrip’ strongly reminds me of THE HAUNTED. The Tides Of November’ is very Core-influenced and furthermore includes a very catchy chorus. In general, the band surely does not reinvent the wheel - the music and songwriting itself is not bad, but lacks a certain uniqueness, which is necessary to stand out in today’s pool of similar-sounding bands, especially in Melodic Death Metal. After you have listened to half of the album, no really new elements come in and the songs tend to become quite repetitive. Fans of the genre will surely find their liking, but the lack of innovation and uniqueness is surely worth criticism, which cannot be deceived by nice and catchy melodies.


01. Epitaph
02. This Neon Grave
03. Days Of The Mute
04. Five Scars
05. Void Venture
06. The Tides Of November
07. Life Denied
08. Endtrip
09. Whiteout
10. A Mouthful Of Death
11. Bloodsong
12. Blackmouth Blues
13. The Wake


Jens Basten - Guitar
Tobias Bruchmann - Bass
Bjoern Gosses - Vocals
Adriano Ricci - Drums
Frank Basten - Guitar

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nightingales fivescars


Music: 6
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7 / 10

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