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lablanchealchimie galacticboredom
Artist: La Blanche Alchimie
Title: Galactic Boredom
Genre: Alternative
Release Date: 31st August 2012
Label: Ponderosa Music & Art

Album Review

The majestic Italian duo that are LA BLANCHE ALCHIMIE have an interesting fusion in terms of musical background and in relations to their sound, this is evidently clear. Sumptuous and warm melodies are abundant in ‘Galactic Boredom’. The classical style of Jessica Einaudi really embellishes the whole composition whilst the strong and beautifully executed music performed by Federico Albanese clearly exhibits a strong musical relationship. Ludovico Einaudi, the brilliant composer and pianist produced the album. This affiliation with a classical influence does indeed enhance the listen with a benign glow and his influence is most certainly obvious especially in songs such as ‘Fireflies’ and ‘Temples Burning’.

LA BLANCHE ALCHIMIE definitely have a lot to offer, however, this record does not exceed their talent and scope as the dynamic does fade painfully slow. These two talented musicians most certainly have the palette to apply more layers to their music although ‘Galactic Boredom’ doesn’t clarify this unfortunately. By the time you have listened to the wondrous and dream-like singles, ‘Galactic Boredom’ and ‘Fireflies’, the album begins to lack diversity. Despite that, it’s good to hear an eclectic array of instruments they arrange throughout including the unique musical saw.  Einaudi’s vocals are sublime; perhaps the strongest element throughout the album but it isn’t enough to carry the album, ‘Galactic Boredom’ yearns for something bigger, an orchestration would be a considerable direction for this duo but their potential is at a grand level, I’m sure their alchemy will at some point transcend.


01. Black Girl
02. Galactic Boredom
03. Fireflies
04. Blackberry Lips
05. Cellar Disco Club
06. My Ear is a Shell
07. Spell On The Hill
08. Temples Burning
09. The Sound of Marbles
10. Paralyzed


Jessica Einaudi – Vocalist
Federico Albanese – Guitar, Piano, Bass & Clarinet


Cover Picture

lablanchealchimie galacticboredom


Music: 6
Sound: 5
Total: 5.5 / 10

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