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Band name: Norma Jean
Album: Redeemer
Genre: New Metal
Label: Century Media
Release date: 6 November  2006



Redeemer is the third studio album of the Southern U.S. band Norma Jean. This album is the most personal journey they have taken so far. Mixed in Germany, and celebrated with an elaborate tour in Europe and the U.S. Apparantly this album is the career-defining move Norma Jean has made. A new Singer, compact songs… let us see…

Band members

Cory Brandan – Vocals
Chris Day – Guitar
Scottie Henry – Guitar
Jake Schultz – Bass
Daniel Davison – Drums


Review per song

01. A grand scene for a color film – 3.23
Without to much hassle, the intro sounds quite disturbing. Then the song itself does not impress me to much except for the emotional voice of Cory Brandan. He really wants to make his point. At this point the music and vocals are balanced well. There is a lot of energy in the music.

02. Blueprints for Future homes – 2.49
There is some more melody in this song, there a pinch of their more epic work weaved into the track. Once again on top of the music lays Cory’s voice dripping like blood into your ears.

03. A small spark vs. a great forest – 4.54
The intro tries to give a bit of an eerie forest sense to the music. As the track progressed, the music experimental atmosphere with seemingly not matching parts of music, that still fit together. Besides this I think the music is build to much around the vocals. First was thought out how Cory was going to tell his tale and then there had to be music.
04. A temperamental widower – 2.46
With more up tempo and less dark feelings this songs is more fun an energetic. Makes me want to move!

05. The end of all things will be televised – 5.20
This reminds me of the older work of Korn… oh the memories as an 15 year old punky bitch! The song is very smooth, easy to sing along to and pretty predictable. Its pretty clear they got their inspiration from … somewhere! Technical this songs is really good, all different rhythms and intermezzo’s are balanced very well and make this sound like a storytelling moment. An aggressive one, though.

06. Songs sound much sadder – 3.14
This is easier again. Also the cleaner vocals are finally shows. A nice twist.

07. The longest lasting statement – 2.48
The songs sounds pretty cool, and emotional. The sound is a bit tuned down in the start, trying to keep a wild dog from running basically. After a while the dog starts running. And ends up falling down, having all its aggression belted out.

08. Amnesty please – 4.14
It’s a solid strong, and spiritual song. Tries to revive the deepest feeling in people and when listening to the lyrics you really want to scream along.

09. Like swimming circles – 3.03
Seems to have les body then the rest of the album. It’s really a relief. Some clan vocals, some slower parts. Hearing the melody I’m curious how they did this live!

10. Cemetery like a stage – 4.16
Darker, and with heavy sounding guitars, the depression of the Cemetery is melted into sounds.

11. No passenger : No paradise – 4.55
Sounds like a ballad to close of the album. With mostly clean vocals and major belts from Cory, this song can ease you down a bit after the aggressive album. Its very nice, almost film like!

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Techinal Information

Total running time: 41.50
Songs: 11
Extra: -


The CD is shorter then what Norma jean usually does. The songs are more compact. Less experimental makes is easier to listen to the music and just scream along instead of having to watch the rhythm and tunes. This is more a CD to move to, but I don’t think this should be the cd that presents Norma Jean to the world. Their good at what they do, and unless they keep following this Metalcore road... Ah well, who am I to judge… I couldn’t be there in the 13th of January (Norma jean in Tivoli, Utrecht Netherlands). I would have liked to see them put this noise out live.  


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extra: -
Total: 8 (7.5)


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