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Band name: My Lament
Demo: Beneath the Hidden
Genre: Doom metal
Release date: 26 November 2006
Label: none


My lament is a Belgium Doom band that released the demo Beneath the Hidden, in November 2006. The band was found in 2002, when the original member met in at a party. the music is described in the beginning as gothic metal with doom influences. In their upcoming years the sounds grows more mature and when lead guitarist Paul joins the band, the sounds becomes more doom, and fuller. It took almost a whole year to finish this demo, trying to make the sound perfect. Also 2006 had some line up changes, which were pretty hard. Good thing, the demo is finished and is lying here on my desk, ready to be listened to and judged.

Band members

Bert: vocals
Paul: lead-guitar
Katrijn: rhythm-guitar
Steven: bass
Vincent: drums


Review per song

01. Vilest of men – 9.32
Off with a slow start, mostly the lead guitar, drums and the deep dark vocals take care of the first part of the song. The atmosphere of the song is dark and the lyrics remind me of old my Dying Bride. As the song continues a steady rhythm appears, this making it a bit easier to listen to the tunes. Most of the song consists of the same theatrical tunes, every now and again they are the background to their old vocalist Dimi, his dark grunts seem to blend in perfectly well in the music. With the heavy guitar riffs I must say the first song is very promising.

02. The sprit and the haze – 6.02
as the first song slowly fades out, The spirit and the haze starts in almost the same way. The dark tunes become more aggressive and both grunts as clean vocals are used. In the middle there is a more modern intermezzo with parts of the lyrics being read out as poetry, followed by very still and almost shy moments. A part in the song is recorded with stronger spiritual drums, with gives the track a nice twist.  

03. Silent Nights – 9.02
Sometimes the spoken parts come across as a bad actor that has to fake its own death. This is really too bad, because the grunts are more emotional and I feel them more. Besides this the base of the track is the same everywhere which make it a bit boring. The melody is trying to take you along in the dark silent nights the band is reflecting on, but not always the sound it convincing enough.


Total running time: 24.36
Songs: 3
Extra: -


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extra: -
Total: 8 (7.5)

Cover picture


As doom metal lovers will point out to you, it is perfectly normal to create a songs that will last over 10 minutes. Also this is picked up by My Lament. The spherical sounds crawl under your skin, but overall the music is easy listening. Not to complicated but balanced really well. My Lament has been on many stages, though loads in Belgium. No synths were used, because of this the classical lyrics seem a bit lost. Because the doom side of life really it a hard one, and it for sure isn’t the easiest genre. I like the band, and I think doom/death fans will like this mini CD. You can purchase it on their website for 6 euros.


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