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DSC 8778Den Atelier, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
29th September 2019

While Storm Mortimer swept over the roofs of Luxembourg, the A hosted four sold-out events that day. One of them was the concert of the Belgian MILOW, who has already performed in Luxembourg several times. Best program to close a stormy Sunday evening.

Known for his introspective acoustic Pop, MILOW is the alias of Belgian singer/ songwriter Jonathan Vandenbroeck. After ‘You Don’t Know’ from his 2006 full-length debut reached the Top Ten of the singles charts in Belgium, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, he had a chart-topping international hit with his cover of 50 CENT’s ‘Ayo Technology’ in 2009. A decade after his debut, MILOW’s sixth LP, 2016’s ‘Modern Heart’, went to number two in Belgium.

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Music & Performance
The fans could look forward to an evening with only MILOW. An opening act was therefore not there. So the show started a bit earlier. At 8.30pm the band entered the stage and MILOW suddenly stood on the stairs to the balcony of the studio and started the evening with ‘You Don’t Know’. Just like on demand the smartphones were pulled out and on MILOW’s command: “Sing with me!” the soft but very lyrically secure voices of the audience were heard though the whole A. The sound was remarkable, it sounded very good from the beginning and made the band harmonise wonderfully with the A. As soon as MILOW was back on stage the band continued with the well-known song: ‘You and Me’. Also here the audience was very sure of the lyrics and danced comfortably to the sounds of the song.

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In general, the audience functioned very well on this evening: MILOW or one of the band members barely raised their hands to encourage the crowd to clap, and they were already there with heart and soul. Between the songs, the sympathetic Belgian also enjoyed talking to his fans. He pointed out that this evening was the start of the tour and that he always liked to be in Den Atelier. It had already been his sixth concert in this concert hall and the first time the show was completely sold out on that Sunday evening. His joy was clearly noticeable. Before he started the song ‘Summer Days’, he had to make some jokes about the weather in Luxembourg and then asked himself whether it wasn’t his fault that it always rains when he plays in the Grand Duchy. After this song, there was probably something that most people would have not expected. The 38-year-old started talking in German and told about being part of the music show “Sing meinen Song” on VOX.

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Thereupon he played the two songs ‘Weisse Tauben’ by JOHANNES OERDING and ‘Musik sein’ by WINCENT WEISS. Many of the fans were Germans and therefore freaked out and supported MILOW loudly. The rest of the evening went on like this. A charismatic Belgian who impressed Luxembourg. He dedicated the song ‘Little in the Middle’ to the location and also 50 cents ‘Ayo Technolgy’ was a big hit that evening. With ‘Howling at the moon’ MILOW and band said goodbye to the crowd and with ‘Houdini’, ‘Move To Town’, ‘Another Saturday Night’ and ‘Lay Your Worry Down’ they added another highlight and let the audience leave home with smiling faces.

01. You Don’t Know
02. You and Me
03. Laura’s Song
04. Greatest Expectations
05. Michael Jordan
06. No No No
07. Summer Days
08. Weisse Tauben
09. Musik Sein
10. Loud and Clear
11. She
12. Help
13. Little in the Middle
14. Tourist
15. Lost Boys
16. Ayo Technology
17. Howling at the Moon
18. Houdini
19. Move To Town
20. Another Saturday Night
21. Lay Your Worry Down

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9.5
Light: 7
Total: 8.2 / 10

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All Pictures by Elena Arens

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