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motionlessinwhite disguise
Artist: Motionless in White
Title: Disguise
Genre: Metalcore / Alternative / Gothic / Industrial
Release Date: 7th June 2019
Label: Fearless Records

Album Review

I don’t write reviews often because now I really need to feel inspired enough for it. My recent discovery and a source of inspiration has become the newest creation of American Metal band MOTIONLESS IN WHITE. As it’s the only album of the band I’ve ever heard, I am not going to compare it with earlier works looking for any difference or similarities. However I listened to some songs from previous album(s) and actually for me the new material sounds more profound, interesting and definitely more mature. On that happy note let’s start the review itself.

The album entitled ‘Disguise’ attracts an attention even with its cover picture, which seems to unobtrusively reveal the idea of the record: demonstrating the true nature of the lyrical character, no more hidden behind the mask, which was meant to help to look like a common member of the society. All the fears, inner wishes, aggressive or depressive feelings are now exposed and they go all the way from disguise to catharsis as the album proceeds.

The title track that opens the whole thing, sets the pace for the rest of the songs. The sinister key prelude sends some shivers down the spine, the composition fills out to deep guitars and penetrating vocals: the character stops to look at his inner personality and gradually turns himself inside out. Of course this process is not instant as every track makes it more and more profound. The next piece, ‘Headache’, sounds more strained and definitely more powerful, but at the same time remaining that creepy atmosphere and demonstrating a decent slant to nu-metal, yet the most so to say nu-metal song on the album is ‘</c0de>’ which is less aggressive and more electronic. But that electronic part also helps to show the digital obsession of the modern world.

Very emotional and dynamic ‘Thoughts & Prayers’ smoothly comes into rhythmic ‘Legacy’ producing an ambiguous impression. On one hand its accurate rhythmic even march-like sound can bring a feeling of control and confidence, but there’s another dark and heartfelt facet created with the melancholic melody and the lyrics. Metalcore piece ‘Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride’ really tells a horror story with the proper spooky atmosphere and suitable sonic effects.

Catchy ‘Holding on to Smoke’ and ‘Another Life’ are definitely my favourite songs on the album. Well-balanced musically and lyrically they also allow listeners to enjoy clear Chris’ vocals to the fool. ‘Broadcasting From Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.’ surprisingly reminded me of early OOMPH! but in a modern way with all the typical industrial features. The following Pop Rock track ‘Brand New Numb’ dilutes that partially gloomy, partially romantic atmosphere created before with some perky energy and prepares us to ‘Catharsis’. If there were no electronic effects the song could be a good ballad in the best traditions of Finnish Rock, anyway it’s just a great song of as far as I may consider (for myself) of the great band and it’s good enough to sum up the whole album.  

Of course, all the songs reveal their own stories still united with the main idea, the same semi-detached, semi-mystical mood somewhat light aftertaste. ‘Disguise’ is worth listening to if you like the band or musical diversity in one record or just in the right mood for it.


01. Disguise
02. Headache
03. </c0de>
04. Thoughts & Prayers
05. Legacy
06. Undead Ahead 2: The Tale of the Midnight Ride
07. Holding on the Smoke
08. Another Life
09. Broadcasting From Beyond the Grace: Death Inc.
10. Brand New Numb
11. Catharsis


Chris Motionless
Ryan Sitkowski
Ricky Horror
Vinny Mauro
Justin Morrow

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motionlessinwhite disguise


Music: 9
Sound: 10
Total: 9.5 / 10

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