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20210529 LM 12Herrenhäuser Gärten, Hanover, Germany
29th May 2021
Lisa Morgenstern @ KunstFestSpiele

When concert venues closed in Germany back in March 2020 only few people expected that the shutdown would last for such a long time. However, things develop into the right direction and after months without any concerts and festival there is an opportunity to attend gigs here and there.

Things are even more pleasing when a much-admired artist performs in a favourite place. Let us start with the place - the Herrenhäuser Gärten (Herrenhausen Gardens) in Hanover. The Great Garden has been one of the most distinguished Baroque gardens of Europe. The place has been made in the style of English gardens and is a popular recreation area for the residents of Hanover. The area hosts several cultural events over the year. One of them is the KunstFestSpiele, an outstanding festival with music-theatre, performances, dance, concerts and installations.

20210529 LM 2

Let’s move on to the artist - LISA MORGENSTERN. Proceeding from classical music, which the young German-Bulgarian composer heard from her earliest years, she developed her own very special musical tone colour. Her second album, Chameleon, continues her deeply emotional, expressive and intricate way of creating pieces like the splinters of songs, that float upward in glittering arias and back down in sombre synth-fields, or alternate between dramatic poetic monologues and elfin siren-spheres. A perfect fit with the extraordinary location.

20210529 LM 15

Music & Performance
For many people in the audience - me included - this was the first live concert after a long break. No wonder this created a very special atmosphere. Exciting moments for the artist as well. Lisa had to admit that she was nervous but also felt happy. “Finally, I can let it all out without having to worry about the neighbours”, she said. And she did let it out. Her personal songs are a deep dive into emotion, performed with dedication, creating surrealistic spheres. The set list consisted of tracks from both of her albums but also new material. She also talked about the work on her new record which is eagerly awaited. Before the encore she said how good it felt to be back on stage: “I would like to do this every day”. We as well, Lisa. We as well.

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All Pictures by Christian W.

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