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Beelzebub (Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards) from Mystic Circle

MYSTIC CIRCLE are one of the most famous Metal bands from Germany. In 1999 founding member A. Blackwar left the band, so Beelzebub had to continue the band as the only founding member. In 2007 the story of MYSTIC CIRCLE ended after seven unholy albums and tours with bands like MOTÖRHEAD, DIMMU BORGIR and many more. After more than twenty years the visionary heads of MYSTIC CIRCLE have reunited to continue the story and Atomic Fire Records was so kind to get us an interview with Beelzebub.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: Thank you for finding time for an interview. I’m sure you are very busy at the moment. Two weeks ago, your second video and a new song from the upcoming album, ‘Mystic Circle’, was released. How do you feel?
Beelzebub: Thank you for your interest in the band and our latest releases. Yes, things are going really well at the moment. We are 100% satisfied with the new material and the corresponding video releases. It keeps us motivated and inspires us to create new things.

RoD: Your first two videos got a very positive echo from the fans. Will there be more videos in the future?
Beelzebub: Yes of course. A lot of small trailers for the new songs will be released and when the album comes out on February 4th, a video for the song ‘Darkness in Flames’ will be available on the same day. To make things perfect, a cover of POSESSED’s ‘Death Metal’ will be released in March and of course, there will be a video. We are also are planning new videos and songs and collaborate with super interesting artists.

RoD: What has motivated you, to revive MYSTIC CIRCLE?
Beelzebub: A. Blackwar and I met up one night and talked about MYSTIC CIRCLE. What visions we had, when we formed the band back in 1992 and we quickly came to the conclusion that we are still on the same level and our meetings are always a source of inspiration for both of us. MYSTIC CIRCLE’s name has been misused and trashed too many times in the past, we will open a new chapter with a better ending than the past one.

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RoD: Do you think Black Metal and the whole scene has changed, since you founded MYSTIC CIRCLE?
Beelzebub: A lot of time has passed… the whole Black Metal scene and the music business changed completely. Everything used to be more extreme and rebellious back in the days. Still, there are and will always be awesome Black Metal bands including new ones. There are really new talented bands nowadays. But we’re not the typical Black Metal scene guys, we are doing our own thing in our own universe, the MYSTIC CIRCLE universe. But of course, we are big Metal and Extreme Metal fans. Something like that doesn’t die away, it’s part of you.

RoD: Where did you find ideas for the new songs?
Beelzebub: We are drawing inspiration from old stories, movies, from satanic meditation and inspiration, as well as from our dislike of the church as an institution.

RoD: Is there a song on one of your albums that you would not release, nowadays?
Beelzebub: I think, the whole ‘Bloody Path of God’ would sound differently. I did not remain at the helm during the production. The songs were written much better, but then arranged completely against my understanding of music.

RoD: The new album in three words?
Beelzebub: Brutal – Melodic – Horror

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RoD: What kind of music are you listening to in your private life?
Beelzebub: From Rock (AC/DC) to Death Metal (DEICIDE) as well as bands like GHOST, TWIN TEMPLE, DEVILS BLOOD, DEMENTED ARE GO, IRON MAIDEN, then there are old Thrash bands and many more. An extensive range.

RoD: Do you already have a line-up for a tour?
Beelzebub: No, because we are not planning a tour at the moment. The time hasn’t come yet, but we will choose very good and maybe also well-known musicians, who will get on the stages that rule the world with us, when the time has come. We will also put on a complete satanic show, we already have some ideas for it.

RoD: Is there a band you’d like to tour with in the future?
Beelzebub: To be honest, we’ve already played with the big names of the Metal scene and there were highlights like MOTÖRHEAD, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DEICIDE, MISFITS, but I think if we get the chance, we will do crossover tours like the “ARCH ENEMY, BEHEMOTH, NAPALM DEATH tour” for example.

RoD: It’s been a while since you and A. Blackwar released an album together. Meanwhile, a new generation of Black Metal fans has grown up, that might not be very familiar with the MYSTIC CIRCLE universe, how would you describe the songs on the new album?
Beelzebub: That would go beyond the scope now. Lyrically the album has a satanic component, but it’s also about witches, old stories about a werewolf, infernal about the Armageddon. The seven-headed dragon that devours the world also gets a song. All in all, the album is very modern, brutal and melodically disharmonious produced, disposed towards the occult and lots of horror samples.

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RoD: Is the upcoming album a one-shot, or are you working on new songs already?
Beelzebub: We are already planning the third album. We are very inspired and there will be more killer albums on a high level.

RoD: The Black Metal scene has some very extreme sides, where would you classify MYSTIC CIRCLE in 2022?
Beelzebub: We are wo we are and have always been, and the dark side has always been a part of us. It just runs like a common thread through our lives. The symbol Satan has nothing negative for us, it represents freedom, inspiration, rebellion but also as the opposition of these arch-conservative institutions.

RoD: Thank you for the interview. I hope to see you live on stage, soon.
Beelzebub: Thank you for the support! Hail 666 Beelzebub und MYSTIC CIRCLE!

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